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Not just the move tutors. The random Pokemon you find in the Hidden Hollow's around Unova, too. The Pokemon found all have their Dream World abilities. Breloom among them. Techloom is going to be floating around soon.

The move tutors are interesting. Especially for Gliscor who is basically going to be a ***** to kill. Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus didn't get the moves I thought they'd get. Tornadus does get Heat Wave & Superpower though, which is good. Thundurus didn't though. Landorus' only decent new move is Superpower, too. Shocked that both Zekrom and Reshiram got Roost but none of the genies did. x___x EVEN KYUREM DID. Excadrill gets Iron Head as a decent STAB. Although I don't think it needs it. Lmfao Reuniclus got a load of useless crap that it doesn't need. Superpower Reuniclus. B) Swoobat's been made a bit better, although it'll still be NU. Giga Drain, Heat Wave and Roost is a nice addition to its movepool. Honestly a lot of Unova Pokemon are going to be made better from this.
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