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    I'll change his starters to Larvitar and Zubar. . Just realized that. Hahaha. I could pull a "Blue" and kill off his Riolu and Pidgey like Raticate. I should have described the gems a little better. I'll be sure todo that as soon as my computer is back working, I'm on my phone right now.
    I'm a musician (and a student), I can also make some decent OWs. I can make very basic maps, but I would like to learn about scripting and battle spriting.
    I think you misread some of that. It's one region, Sunmus. Lots of the people there come from other regions.
    There will be a lot of post game stuff to cover the jumps from level. Probably something like a Battle Tower, but with experience points gained. You could start it and for every gem you acquire and other important events progressing in the story/poststory you would be allowed to advance to higher floors.
    And nick, is there any place where I would be able to learn how to script/event/map/sprite better? I'm decent in some of those categories, but I would love to be better.
    PS. I'm gonna add more stuff to the original post including the story, gems, battle tower thingy and fix some of the stuff you mentioned. But first, I'll have to get my PC to work. :3
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