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I ended up forgetting to post my finish to voltwhite of my Ice monotype so here it is! Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!

Gym Leader Rematches:

Elite Four Rematches:

Champion Alder:

Other Strong Trainers:

My Team:

Ceruleus Lv. 87
Fake Out, Night Slash, Ice Punch, X-Scissor

Enzo Lv. 87
Ice Shard, Superpower, Stone Edge, Earthquake

Tygon Lv. 86
Blizzard, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Ice Shard

Vesuvious Lv. 86
Icicle Crash, Waterfall, Close Combat, Strength

Alturnius Lv. 88
Blizzard, Psycho Boost, Shadow Ball, Petal Dance

Joselyn Lv. 86
Surf, Blizzard, Thunder, Body Slam


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