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    Originally Posted by SuperTreaz View Post
    Thanks! :D M
    My computer is working again, so I'll fix all of my errors and whatnot.

    I also have a question since I used to (somewhat) deal with ROM Hacks. Is there much of a difference between ROM hacking and RMXP?

    And, where can I find some good BW tilesets? I really want this to look sharp. :D
    There is a world of difference between hacking and RMXP. If you can hack, you won't have any trouble learning RMXP. I have never hacked, and had little computer experience, and RMXP is really easy to use, and the entire PokeCommunity is always willing to help you.

    You can post in the requests for the tile sets. If you go on deviant art and just search them they will come up. There is one called BW Citrine Tileset that is really nice. Hope this helped
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