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    Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
    Don't worry, this thread is about the older items, too! ^u^

    And actually, I posted some pics of the Soul Dew being found in the Dreamyard in the Quick Questions thread here in the B2W2 section, so check it out! c:

    It seems it's found right after you beat/catch [email protected], too.
    I'm wondering if they'll include the Griceous, Lustrous, and Adamant orb again. That'd be cool, of course idk what use they would be. Still, cool. c:

    I think that the Orbs are back in the game. The only one that would serve a real purpose would be the Griseous Orb. Adamant and Lustrous Orbs are still awesome, though.

    and already spammed jellicent's vms about this but HNNNNG THAT SHINY CHARM. Do want, guys. That'll make my MM'ing muuuuuch easier. That being said though, I ALREADY MM'D LIKE FOUR POKEMON IN B/W WHY DIDN'T I WAIT FML.

    and what seriously no more buying of evolutionary stones? Even in Black 2? forget fifty, I would buy 100 of each. If, you know, I ever had enough money. XD

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