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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Its 50% so far without all of the after Story Pokemon. We don't know everything about the games yet. We could get more events, seeing as Serebii is still updating their findings. Not sayin we'll get the three big ones but the number can still rise.

I don't think the next one would be incompatible with current ones, at least not Gen 5 seeing as B2W2 can interface with the 3DS. Kinda hopin 3rd Gen becomes 6th Gen, or if there is an issue like you think, then Gen 1 could be remade again with pretty graphics.
Well I do see Gen VI being compatible with 5.

'With talk about all the Hoenn(or most)Pokes being able to be caught within this gen meaning no remake, how would that mean there would be one in gen 6, if you could still send them down the line to the latest games since backwards compatibility isn't broken? ...and even if it was broken(so the whole available thing drops), that would render other games needing to be done again at some point probably.'

^ What I meant. You probably understood, I just reread it and thought I could make it clearer, haha. Maybe I've just been merging too much of what I've read so far, I think I probably got something mixed up somewhere.

Originally Posted by Sydian View Post

I think, what I really meant to say, is that they needed a way to get in those past gen Pokemon, because most of them were unobtainable with just Ruby and Sapphire alone, so then you have FRLG and later Emerald, the latter games gave us a chance to get most of the first 251 Pokemon. And also Colosseum and XD but those are more uncommon ways, it seems. That's what I meant, but worded it totally wrong, lol. Though like it's been said, the Johto legendaries were obtainable in gen III and then again in IV, so it's still possible that we'll see a remake. Cause, and I think I said this already, it's not so much as we want a remake for the Pokemon, but we want a remake because we want to see this game updated and with new features and graphics and music etc etc. So the Pokemon thing isn't really a huge deal, though in regards to the past two sets of remakes, I think that played a vital role.

...I hope THAT at least makes sense, unlike my last post lol.
Yeah, that makes more sense. I guess all the talk about the availability probably meaning we wouldn't see them(at least for a while) made me look into that matter more.

...and I think that 2nd to last thing is the only thing running through my mind atm, how could anyone not want to see Hoenn remade(to 3DS, or to a lesser extent, DS standards; it's the only region not featured in that way)?
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?