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Team: N/A. Starting with Torchick, getting a Fighting type in Dewford asap.


Team: Combuskin, Lv.20; Makuhita, Lv.13.
Current location: Right outside Dewford Cave. Not looking forward to navigating it with no FLASH skill, and I cbf to get a Meditite, since I'm not a big fan of her nor her evolution, and I'm not sure if it can learn Flash.

Big update, I played for a while with no brake.

Navigated Dewford's cave with little troubles, breezed through the 2nd gym.

Got to the 3rd gym, my team is now respectable. I did it with little troubles. Taught Combusken Rock Smash, gave Combusken the everstone. Makuhita evolved into Hariyama.

EV trained Hariyama for a bit, now he's an HP tank.

Caught a machop

Machop evolved into machoke

Absolutely anhilated dad's gym, since he's normal type and I'm overpowered fighting type because I grind most of my time.

Currently outside of Fortree City, EV training my Machoke for Attack.

Current team:
Machoke level 31, grinding him to level 40. Karate Chop, Revenge, Seismic Toss, Low Kick.
Hariyama level 41, nothing special other than his HP. Surf, Belly Drum, Smellingsalt, Vital Throw.
Combusken level 37. Again, nothing special, gonna try to EV train him up to level 40.
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