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    Originally Posted by Cartmic View Post
    Is the land a re-envisioned Kanto? To make connection editing a little easier on you I would consider making the changes made in this edited version:

    Yes, its just a new vision of Kanto. I don't want it to be so fake and foreign, but I still want it to be new and exciting.

    And those changes look good. I'll probably do something like that for the top and bottom change you made. But for the middle change, I like having a dock in the water. And it wouldn't change the connection data. Either way, Route 19 will have a west connection with Sea Route 20 and vise versa. (the dock is part of the sea route, not the land route) Thanks for your feed back! I haven't been getting much lately, as this is a gen 1 hack, not an overrated, gen 3 "tool hack" like most everything else
    And I'm just about to update a couple screenshots(:

    EDIT: Done. Updated the Title Screen with the GSC Hero sprite to match the overworld sprite. However, I edited the sprite alot. I also updated the Town Map with some suggestions made by Cartmic (thank you very much ) And finally, I replaced the two screenshots of the text/border graphics with just one screenshot of the new battle HUD made to mimic the GSC battle screen as best as possible, which shows everything the old screenshots did and more. As you can see, there's the Gold sprite for Pidgey, and hopefully soon I'll update it with the backsprite for Bulbasaur.

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