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    I'd like to say that Iris being champion didn't surprise me in the least. And that my initial reaction was "but of course Iris is the champion". After all, Iris is an incredibly talented prodigy. And a high ranking Gym Leader in the original White.

    But I was so pleasantly surprised when it happened. Even if it was very plausible, it didn't seem like what would happen. Pokemon has only had one female Champion before, and to be entirely honest, I wasn't even expecting the Champion for this game to be a former Gym Leader from the last game at all.

    Plus being a super fan of Iris, people tend to say about life "don't get your hopes up" about things. And tend to assume against things I'd like to see happen as a fan because I figure as a fan with biases, it's not gonna happen most likely and confirmation bias is a thing.

    But it happened, it really happened. It's all I could have fantasized. When I first discovered it, I was literally giddy for several hours. And her theme sounded like a celebration, which was perfect because it was a celebration for me.

    Not to mention that if you count challenge mode, she is the hardest Champion to face yet. She's just amazing and impressive and everything I could have hoped for in general. Her background is the most epic I've ever seen in a Pokemon game, moving stars in the skies, and moving dark clouds below. It reminds me of fighting Queen Zeal in Chrono Trigger. In reality she's got an amazing backdrop that isn't much different from her amazing in battle area. Dragon Statue, constellation wall, red carpet, ivory floor, staircase. And an outfit that is regal and has reminded everyone of things from Japanese shrine maidens, that of a princess, to a queen, to that of a magical girl. And then, much like her theme in general, she gives this cute but fierce feline motion she makes. As if she was some kind of lion or tiger.

    Iris is really as epic as ever. I think that many people mistakenly associate cuteness with weakness. Iris is both as cute and as epic and bada--(Edit: I just realized about the rules. Are we allowed to say that word?) as can be. In fact, I think by being cute, a character, shown with Iris, are actually more bada--(rules?) than if they weren't. Iris comes off with her cuteness as "resilience", and power and determination just emanates off of her in a way that could never be pulled off by someone who isn't cute. It's like you're battling the high princess of the stars and dragons. She honestly seems like she could be some kind of goddess there. She hardly even seems like a human there, more like a goddess with her overwhelming energy and theme.

    She's a powerful figure. But then again I'm a big fan. I feel like I just got the biggest fanservice a fan can get with this. Thank you, Gamefreak. You are awesome for doing this.
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