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    Good day everyone!
    I guess most of the people have been once amazed following a manga/anime by its story, or by the deep and complex personality of some characters, or some values expressed into the plot.

    Then, if yes, what manga/anime really meant something to you?

    Personally, I haven't got that great knowledge of mangas/animes, but I must say that my favourite one, even if that sounds common, is Naruto. It's got many values, like friendship, love, forgiveness, isolation, hatred, revenge. When I started following the manga, I've never expected it to become so deep and psychological, and I liked this fact very much, especially in the Shiippuden series. My favourite character ever is Sasuke, but since the beginning of the Shiippuden I got to like much more some characters who I didn't like that much before, for example Naruto himself.

    What about you? what anime/manga is it that you especially liked and you think changed you? Why?

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