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Originally Posted by Mrmattnikko View Post
where do I find the dowsing machine in white 2??????????????????????????
Dowsing Machine is the Item Finder, right? If so Bianca gives it to you before leaving Castelia City and entering Route 4.

Originally Posted by AshKetchumFromPalletTown View Post
another question haha, I am not on Plasma Ship and can only go down one set of stairs, where I have battled all the grunts, but there are none of those green circles that teleport you, and only other room I can go to is where there is laser doors and a computer, it asks for a password but I don't know what to type in, I do have the plasma card though, I just don't know what to do
It depends on your version.

White 2 - レシラム (re-shi-ra-mu)
Black 2 - ゼクロム (ze-ku-ro-mu)

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