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Hi, joinage please :D

Name: Mentalii
Your Gym Leader: Misty
2 Partner Pokemon(Read the Rules & Yes we can have nicknames!): Lapras (whose nickname's "Lokhlass") and Starmie (whose nickname is "Staross"
Why have you joined to be trained: I've always loved the gym leaders. In Pokémon, there are also awesome characters that are as interesting as the Pokémon themselves. I guess that, if I was in the Pokémon World, I'd rather be a gym leader than the champion, running a gym seems to be way more exciting.

What do you think are the requirement to be a gym leader?

It depends I guess... Or you're gym leader from father to son, or your town needed a new gym leader so or you beat the current gym leader, either you win tornament or something like that. Also, if possible having a team with a featuring type.