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Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
Anyone remember Battle Revolution? That game's AI was brutal...
I agree, that game was brutal. |:

Also, the challenge mode Gym Leader list!


Patrat Level 11 - Work Up, Bite, Tackle
Pidove Level 11 - Work Up, Quick Attack, Leer
Lillipup Level 13 - Work Up, Bite, Tackle (Oran Berry)

Koffing Level 16 - Venoshock, Assurance, Tackle, Smog (Oran Berry)
Grimer Level 16 - Venoshock, Mud Slap, Disable, Poison Gas
Whirlipede level 18 - Venoshock, Poison Sting, Rollout, Protect (Sitrus Berry)

Dwebble Level 22 - Struggle Bug, Rock Blast, Faint Attack, Rock Polish (Sitrus Berry)
Shelmet Level 22 - Struggle Bug, Mega Drain, Acid, Curse
Karrablast Level 22 - Struggle Bug, Headbutt, Aerial Ace, Endure
Leavanny Level 24 - Struggle Bug. Razor Leaf, Aerial Ace, Grasswhistle (Sitrus Berry)

Emolga Level 28 - Volt Switch, Pursuit, Aerial Ace, Quick Attack (Sitrus Berry)
Joltik Level 28 - Volt Switch, X-Scissor, Energy Ball, Thunder Wave
Flaafy Level 28 - Volt Switch, Take Down, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave
Zebstrika Level 30 - Volt Switch, Flame Charge, Pursuit, Stomp (Sitrus Berry)

Krokorok Level 31 - Bulldoze, Crunch, Sandstorm, Torment (Sitrus Berry)
Sandslash Level 31 - Bulldoze, Crush Claw, Rock Slide, Hone Claws
Onix Level 31 - Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Explosion, Rock Polish
Excadrill Levle 33 - Bulldoze, Metal Claw, Slash, Rock Slide (Sitrus Berry)

Swoobat Level 37 - Acrobatics, Psychic, Energy Ball, Attract
Skarmory Level 37 - Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, X-Scissor, Agility (Sitrus Berry)
Sigilyph Level 37 - Air Cutter, Psychic, Flash Cannon, Hypnosis
Swanna Level 39 - Air Slash, Surf, Roost, Featherdance (Sitrus Berry)

Druddigon Level 46 - Dragon Tail, Revenge, Crunch, Rock Slide (Sitrus Berry)
Flygon Level 46 - Dragon Tail, Rock Slide, Earth Power, Crunch
Altaria Level 46 - Dragon Pulse, Sing, Cotton Guard, Fire Blast
Haxorus - Level 48 - Dragon Tail, Dragon Dance, X-Scissor, Shadow Claw (Sitrus Berry)

Wailord Level 49 - Scald, Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Earthquake
Carracosta Level 49 - Scald, Rock Slide, Shell Smash, Crunch (Sitrus Berry)
Mantine Level 49 - Scald, Air Slash, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray
Jellicent Level 51 - Scald, Energy Ball, Ominious Wind, Recover

Elite 4

Cohagrigus Level 56 - Will-O-Wisp, Grass Knot, Psychic, Shadow Ball (Leftovers)
Drifblim Level 56 - Psychic, Thunderbolt, Acrobatics, Shadow Ball (Flying Gem)
Golurk Level 56 - Heavy Slam, Earthquake, Brick Break, Shadow Punch (Expert Belt)
Banette Level 56 - Shadow Claw, Will-O-Wisp, Psychic, Sucker Punch (Muscle Band)
Chandelure Level 58 - Energy Ball, Fire Blast, Psychic, Shadow Ball (Choice Scarf)

Liepard Level 56 - Night Slash, Fake Out, Aerial Ace, Attract (Normal Gem)
Scrafty Level 56 - Crunch, Brick Break, Poison Jab, Rock Tomb (Leftovers)
Krookodile Level 56 - Crunch, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Rock Tomb (Expert Belt)
Absol Level 56 - Night Slash, Psycho Cut, X-Scissor, Swords Dance (Muscle Band)
Bisharp Level 58 - Night Slash, X-Scissor, Metal Claw, Aerial Ace (Quick Claw)

Throh Level 56 - Storm Throw, Bulldoze, Rock Tomb, Payback (Leftovers)
Sawk Level 56 - Brick Break, Retaliate, Rock Slide, Payback (Muscle Band)
Mienshao Level 56 - Hi Jump Kick, U-Turn, Bounce, Retaliate (Expert Belt)
Lucario Level 56 - Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Calm Mind (Wise Glasses)
Conkeldurr Level 58 - Hammer Arm, Bulk Up, Stone Edge, Earthquake (Flame Orb)

Musharna Level 56 - Charge Beam, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Reflect (Zoom Lens)
Reuniclus Level 56 - Psychic, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Recover (Leftovers)
Sigilyph Level 56 - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Air Slash (Expert Belt)
Gothitelle Level 56 - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind (Wise Glasses)
Metagross Level 58 - Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch, Hammer Arm, Shadow Ball (Life Orb)

Hydreigon Level 57 - Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse, Surf (Wise Glasses)
Druddigon Level 57 - Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Outrage, Focus Blast (Life Orb)
Archeops Level 57 - Acrobatics, Stone Edge, Dragon Claw, Endeavor (Flying Gem)
Aggron Level 57 - Earthquake, Double-Edge, Zen Headbutt, Automize (Muscle Band)
Lapras Level 57 - Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Thunder, Sing (Wide Lens)
Haxorus Level 59 - Earthquake, X-Scissor, Outrage, Dragon Dance (Focus Sash)

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