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Alright, so I'm having some problems.
So I was using the No$GBA emulator to emulate Black 2, and every time i made it to the Title Screen, it froze with the music still playing.

I got past this by using the No$Zoomer, and I set the extra things to 1 and 5, and I made it past the title screen, finally.

Now my problem is when I click "New Game", it freezes, it doesn't go further it just stays as a black screen.

Some other random information, don't tell me to use Desmume, my computer is a couple years old so Desmume runs WAY to slow on it, even though I can make it past New Game, and I prefer No$GBA better anyways.

I'm also using the english patch version 1.4 from Pokestation, if that is any help.

I would apreciate some help.
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