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    I had planned on coming on here to post a massive update yesterday; I went into work and when I came home my computer had shut it's self off. Turning it on; it went into the System Recovery screen; to try and fix a "fatal error"

    I had not gotten a chance to back up ANY of my files; so instead of a temporary slow down on production; I will now have to stop producing this for now. Hopefully I will come back and start it up again in the future. But, for now, after losing over 30 outdoor maps; and four towns worth of indoor maps/Gyms; and all of the custom tiles/character sprites I had recently made. I cannot bring my self to restart production at this time.

    However, if I ever do come back and try to produce this again; it will have the same base features. No rival; Antagonist/Protagonist, 18 Gyms; with 6 Archetypes. And Eevee as the only Pokemon to Evolve using Stones.

    To my few followers; sorry; I'll still be active in the community; but I am done for now.
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