Thread: B2/W2: obligatory music thread.
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    Originally Posted by Sakura Rain View Post
    The revamp of the Hoenn Champion theme is godly. Can't say the same for the Hoenn Gym Leader theme, now that I've taken my nostalgia goggles off. It doesn't feel frantic enough.

    Had a re-listen to Elesa's Gym theme. It's starting to grow on me, you guys. Love love love Roxie's Gym theme. (have I said that already? lol)
    I haven't taken off my nostalgia goggles since I first heard the themes. And I'm loving every second of it.

    Roxie's and Elesa's Gym themes still weird me out a bit. At leasts Elesa's is funny, but Roxie's is just her band spelling out and shouting Koffing. And her band's name is Koffing. Seriously, wat?
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