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    Squad 6

    Project Dread Zombies.


    The general looked over the battle report andanticipated his next move. Finally after several minutes of thinking he threwdone the report on his cluttered desk, rotating in his black leather chair toface the plain gray wall. With his hands on his face and without a clue as towhat to do next, he got up and strode out into long dull gray hallway.

    “Iseverything alright sir?” His advisor, Thomas, asked.

    Thomasdidn’t look like a solider but rather a scrawny little man. His skin was paleand he was dangerously underweight. His uniform was the same was the general’sa crème colored shirt, gray pants, and a red scarf around his neck.

    “Ah, Thomasjust the man I wanted to see.” The general put his meaty hand on the little manmaking his knee’s buckle.

    “What is itsir?” Thomas asked eager to help the general in any way he could.

    “Why don’tyou come in my office for a second?” The general requested.

    “Certainlysir.” Thomas agreed following the bigger man into his office.

    “Read thisreport and tell me what you think.” The general handed him the form.

    “Carlos’sforces are headed for HQ and should be here in a few day time. PDZ can notunder any conditions be spread here.So I need to know what I should do?”

    This reportstartled the little Thomas out of his mind and nearly jumped out his seatsaying,

    “This is adisaster, only a few days before thatthing get’s spread to our home territory! This can’t be happening!”

    “Thomas Ineed you to calm down and tell me what we should do.”

    Before thegeneral could finish his sentence the little man burst out,

    “Squad 6,it’s the only way to stop him.”

    The generallaughed before saying,

    “You’re veryfunny Thomas but you know perfectly well that Squad 6 is completely –“Butbefore the General could finish his sentence Thomas was at it again.

    “I knowSquad 6 is unstable! I know its risks but think! There would be no more humans just those stupid zombies ifdon’t at least try!”

    Thomas wasright if Project Dread Zombies was to be stopped before it reached here theyhad to try it. It was Squad 6 or bust.

    Chapter 1

    This is the account of what is to come by 2015. If youget this early great but if it so much as get’s there an hour late it may toolate so listen up! My name is Baxter and me and my family are basicallyexperiments. We travel the world in search of corrupt people infected by theexperiment Project Dread Zombies; commonly referred to as PDZ. I take pride inpower, my older brother, Jet is proud of his brains, my younger brother, Shawn,takes pride in his character. These prides is what makes us who we are today.It all started in Mexico with a cartel named Carlos. He originally did justyour average dealing but quickly become more and more experimental with drugs.A few years later in 2013 he developed a pill that he claimed,

    “Would makeyou super good and that you wouldn’t need to worry about anything ever again.”

    Well itcertainly made you not worry about anything becauseit turned you into his slave! As forthe part about feeling good I highly doubt sprouting four arms feels good butI’m getting ahead of myself. I started to want to join the military at around seven;everyone in my family did for that matter. It was more of an in and outinterest in our lives to perfectly honest. Jet wanted to be a lawyer at onetime to be perfectly honest. But with the events of 2013 kind of sealed ourinterest in military because we wanted to check out Carlos’s new pill. Iremember always wanting to join solely for the pill but once I figured what itdid to people I was interested in joining not to take it but to destroy it.Even now when it is all over I will never forget the following events ever.

    Chapter 2

    My brothersand I all looked at the squat gray metal building and thought, This can’t be the HQ. We exchangedglances of confirmation before continuing. It’s outside looked old and rustedwhile the inside looked nice and well kept. The entrance room was only a smallsquare with a single stair case leading downward into a long hallway. Thegeneral’s office was supposed to be the one at the very end. It took some timeto arrive but when we did we felt ready and a surge of eagerness flowed throughus like getting into a nice warm bed after being outside in a blizzard. Jetknocked on the door and an old, but strong looking man appeared at the doorway. Most of his hair was missing but in the places that had hair it was a verylight gray. His scared face looked hungrily at us as if determining if we wouldtaste good.

    “Come in.”he said at last.

    We entered theboring little study of the general.

    “Sit.” Hesaid pointing toward three small bean bags.

    Almostimmediately upon sitting, the general asked his first interview question,

    “So why doyou want to join us? You do know it is very dangerous?”

    Jet was thefirst one to speak, just as we had planned.

    “Well wewanted to stop Carlos’s Project Dread Zombies plan before it spreads too much.”This response was completely honest though not according to plan. The generallooked taken aback by his response.

    “How do you knowabout that!?” The general asked dumbstruck.”

    “Internet.”The three of them said in unison.

    “Well sinceyou know top classified military information I have no choice but to acceptyou, though I where I will place you is also top secret and in very unstableenvironments.”

    The generalinformed him pacing around his study.

    “If you somuch as hint toward this Squad in any way I will personally kill you all.” Thegeneral informed the boys.

    “You will beplaced in Squad 6, as I said before it is a very unstable squad because youwill be able to modify nature at your will and the process to make it an optionis very risky.”He continued.

    “If I am to giveyou these powers you must be able to control them. Do you understand?” He askedsternly.

    “Yes sir.”They all said at once.

    “Good wewill start training in an hour’s time, be prepared.” He finished before walkingoff into the hallway.

    Chapter 3.

    Baxter and the others met up with the general in adecent size control room with a cylindrical pod in the middle.

    “Thismachine will determine what you take pride in most even if you think you knowwhat it is, you may be determined differently.” He explained.

    “Now thenwhat it will do once it determines your pride and joy, is it will give you theability to control the element that matches your pride. Shawn.”

    Shawn lookedup from his phone to face the general.

    “You first.”He ordered gesturing to the pod.

    Shawn walkedup toward the large pod looking almost expectant of anything. He walked outlooking completely different he had his same brown skin color but he lookedlighter, he could have been fifty pounds less.

    “Jet younext.” The general explained.

    He walkedinto the pod next and walked out also looking completely different. He came outwith not his usual short light brown hair, but with long black hair, Jettypically didn’t eat too much but the way he looked now he might have McDonaldsevery other meal.

    “Last butnot least, Baxter.” The general pointed to the pod.

    Baxter wentin and heard a small whirring and then a feeling of being searched head to toefor something he wanted to hide deeply and for a second he actually felt afraidbefore it was over. The door slide upwards and he walked out.

    “Well well,what an interesting group.” The general said looking at a piece of paper.

    “Jet youtake pride in your brains and control Water, Shawn you take pride in yourcharacter and control Wind, and Baxter.”

    He paused atmy name and looked a little nervous before announcing his pride and element.

    “Baxter youtake pride in your power and control fire.”

    Chapter 4

    When Baxter and the others got settled in their room,which was actually rather nice for a military facility, the first thing theydid was check out how they looked. Jet, and Shawn were surprised but nowherenear as surprised as I was, who developed a spiked up hair do that was halfyellow at the top half and half orange at the bottom. He somehow managed toconjure a nice a leather jacket for himself too. His face, which was onceblocky, now looked more rounded. They all headed to bed but no one could sleepthat night they all had so much on their mind with that happened that day. Thefollowing morning was rough. Their training had started but no one couldconjure an ounce of element.

    “It’s alright;just concentrate and you’ll get there.” The general repeated every time butstill no success. After a day though they finally were able to whip up a basicelemental attack.

    “Good jobSquad 6! I hate to inform you of this but you’re about to receive your first combatmission.”

    The generalexplained. Everyone now looked nervous. Already a mission! But they couldbarely make their respective element!

    “I know itis sudden but please listen! Carlos’s soldiers will be here in about an hour’stime and we need soldiers to intercept them before they arrive so now forcombat basics.”

    The generaltaught them the basic fire, wind, and water attacks which took up about fortyfive minutes.

    “Quick weonly have fifteen minutes, let’s go!”

    On theoutskirts of town the general’s army of around one thousand stood waiting forthe infected men to arrive. Every minute was scary, but there was no turningback now. The army was approaching. Every solider had the same features, grayskin, eyes the color of the setting sun, and four arms to get increase therange of which to infection. As the zombies drew closer, we started to advanceinto battle, every step was worse than the other, and then it had begun. Thescene was horrifying, their own men grabbed hold of by the necks and convertinginto zombies. First there eyes changed to the same color red as their holders.Second there skin turned dark gray and grew two new arms. The prisoner’s skinsplit apart where a tiny nub grew and grew until finally they had four arms intotal. Third they lost all of their memory and knew only the implanted memoryof Carlos’s will to slaughter. I for one will never forget this scene. I was barelyholding in there, my fire just didn’t seem to cut as well as the other soldiers’guns and tanks. Slowly our army was almost all converted into those horrifyingzombies. The rest of us were finally surrounded and next to defenseless. I didn’tknow what made this idea spark but it did and thankfully.

    “Jet, Shawn!”I called.

    “Yeah.” Theyboth replied.

    “Let’scombine our powers, Fire, Water, and Wind, an all in one attack!” I suggest.

    They bothnodded. The other soldiers were infected so it was down to us. I initiated whatresembled a fire thrower like move; Jet pushed a stream of water of his palm.Jet and I rotated around while Shawn blew the attacks farther forcing theunfortunate things away. After several fearful hours the general finally caughtup to us telling us the battle was lost and that DC was evacuated. We got metup with the general in a helicopter and flew to the rendezvous; Chicago.
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