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Challengec: Water
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Update #6

Took the long road down to Littleroot
Defeated May easily
caught a Wingull to Fly
Went back to the mountain to witness the horrible theft of the orbs and get the MAGMA insignia
Rode down from there to get Giga-Drain for Lombre
Destroyed the magma base with Water pokes
Flew back to Slateport to witness horrible submarine theft
Flew back to Littleroot to kick some aqua behind
Did so with Lombre's Giga-Drain
Sailed to Mossdeep
Beat the gym trainers pretty fast though Tate's Xatu Calm Minded right away and was annoying for the rest of the battle
Picked up the super rod and caught me a Staryu
Deafeat Team magma at the space center
got Dive from Steven
Sailed to the sunken ship to get a water stone to evolve Lombre
Dove into the deep
Found the submarine and proceeded to kick aqua behind (again) Thunderbolt from Staryu made things easy
Swam to Sootopolis to see Wallace
Rode up the Sky Pillar to wake up Rayquaza
Flew back to Sootopolis to witness FMV
Destroyed the Water gym with Staryu and Ludiloco
Sailed to Evergrande
Entering Victory Road

Current Team : Swampert Lv 47 / Tentacruel Lv 43/ Ludicolo Lv 43 / Staryu Lv 40
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