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    Hello there, it's finally time! I'm making the club I've wanted to make. Allow me to try to make a successful club for our beloved and important trainer, Iris!

    Signing up qualifications:
    None, as of currently. As long as you like Iris and want to join, that's fine.

    Fan club rules:
    1. Follow the rules of PokeCommunity.
    2. Be respectful and kind to one another.
    * PokeCommunity are especially not meant to be a haven of trolls. Do not pick on other users, that includes covertly and less obvious forms.
    3. Please contribute and be active. We don't necessarily need spam. But reasonable posts that contribute, if just saying things like "Iris is awesome because..." will do a lot to keep the club alive.
    4. No generally offensive materials to innocent human beings.
    * I know that not everyone agrees and there are naturally divisive subjects in the world. But think of your words this way, do my words come off as attack an innocent members of a group of people? Or, would my words come off as offensive to most Iris fans? It is okay to voice a controversial opinion, but try to be within reason.
    5. Temporary measure: Please do not talk about Pokemon Black & White 2 spoilers unless in [*spoil er] brackets.



    Why you should join and why you should be a fan of Iris:
    A quick little, well, maybe not little, but explanation of what I, personally believe, is awesome and appeals to me about Iris, in spoilers.
    Iris is an amazing character with a awesome personality in many ways.

    She is also an exceptional character in general, I think. And also a very prominent character, making for a lot to like and talk about.In Pokemon Black, the original, Iris is a great "supporting" character. She may not be gym leader, but she is a great character who's personality shines. Being very useful to the protagonist and multiple other characters. She is boisteruous, plucky, confident, and powerful to back it up. And it takes that sort of person to boldly suggest they be a bodyguard. She is strong, and expresses her strongness in an effort to take care of those she cares about, because she can. Neither anywhere close to a doormat or selfish, there is a reasonable amount of generosity and morality along with her strength. And she is a great role model and image for not just little girls, but females and people in general. There is a great burning fire of sorts in her, that is infectious.

    Not to mention she is an extremely noteworthy trainer. Being the person between all trainers and the Legend Badge. And Dragons over level 40. Quite challenging and a force to be reckoned with. And certainly one of the most powerful trainers in the Pokemon world. Iris, from the beginning, has not only given off having a strong personality, but of elite trainer abilities. Iris is one of the most difficult trainers you will face in Pokemon White.

    In the Pokemon "Best Wishes!" anime, Iris isn't quite so elitely powerful and tough as nails. But she is still pretty boisterous and in my opinion, one of the best of Ash's companions in years. She's no coordinator, and brings a great social energy to the table with Ash and Cilan.

    All of these things, make in my opinion, Iris a very enjoyable character. She's fun in the anime, she's fun and incredibly tough in the games. And she just has the infectious and lovable sort of personality that hot-blooded and plucky characters tend to have. I think that you can like and respect her because she adds good personal chemistry and energy to the anime, because she is a respectable character in general, in personality and talent, and because Iris is just awesome.

    This next part is a spoiler for Pokemon Black and White 2.
    If you do not want to be spoiled, do not click the following spoiler button. And even then, it will be removed if it is too much of a spoiler danger, to possibly be reposted several months after Pokemon Black & White 2 has seen international release. I love Iris fans, and the last thing I want to see them spoiled for is, well, new Iris material. Please read at your own risk and please don't spoil yourself unless you really want to.
    In Pokemon Black & White 2, Iris ascends to being one of the most powerful Dragon trainers the Pokemon world has ever seen. And thus, one of the most powerful trainers the Pokemon world has ever seen.

    Iris is the Champion of the Unova League. And in challenge mode she boasts a level 83 Dragon. The highest level for a Champion ever.

    When you walk up the ivory steps, the lights turn on, and Iris is there waiting for you. Behind her a gigantic dragon statue, red carpet, and gigantic star mural in the wall behind you with rotating discs. She breaks you off into two sides of the room, and she faces off with you. A gigantic bolt of lighting bursts through the vs. line, stars moving in the background, and Iris looking fiercely determined. Iris is wearing a crown that resembles animal ears, and a regal looking white and pink dress that many have described as "looking like a goddess", "looking like a princess", "looking like a queen", "looking like a magical girl", and even "looking like a Japanese shrine maiden". She fades from black, makes a curling up motion, and then reaches her hands to the ceiling and makes an inaudible roar. And then spreads her arms out and puts a determined look on her face, as if to say "I'm ready for anything". And the battle starts off, the battle pallet changing to stars moving in the skies and moving dark blue clouds on the floor. Much reminiscent of fighting Queen Zeal atop the Black Omen in Chrono Trigger. All as she throws out her first Pokemon, an incredibly high level Hydreigon.

    And that, I have to say, is an incredible part for Iris to have in the new game. She is thoroughly strong, thoroughly epic, and I as an Iris fan am so incredibly proud right now and excited. Pokemon White 2 is a must have for any Iris fan. And I think this game is a thorough answer to any doubts anyone may have had about how awesome Iris really is. And is a strong, strong argument in favor of how awesome Iris is. Iris in Pokemon Black & White 2 bring an unparalleled challenge to the Pokemon table. And a very epic experience.

    I hate to talk about spoilers so soon, but many of us are already spoiled. And this is an enormous event and argument for how awesome Iris is. If mods think that this spoiler should go, please remove it and give me a message. Really, I think that if many people didn't think of Iris as truly awesome before, they do now. Iris is now a downright
    grandiosely epic trainer.

    Please don't read that spoiler if you don't want to be spoiled. I just wanted to give an extra warning. The first spoiler is just me talking about Pokemon Black and White the original and the anime. But the second is spoiler material for those who have yet to experience Black and White 2 and don't want to be spoiled.

    What I hope to accomplish by this group:
    I hope to accomplish a vibrant, positive, and successful thread for an incredibly important and prodigious Pokemon trainer. And I hope, a popular one. One which helps build up a community that is happy and healthy with positive energy. And is also a great resource of materials and fun for Iris fans, to find things from Iris mods for video games, fanart, fanmusic, fanfics, or anything a fan of Iris might want. And hopefully, eventually, we might inspire fan materials ourselves.

    None thus far!
    Respective honors go to ~Sexy Dragon Warrior~ The Iris Fanclub! for being our elder

    Resource links and ect.:

    Pre-Black & White 2 non-spoiler materials:
    F- Yeah Iris tumblr
    I know there are rules about foul language on here. But this is one of the prominent Iris blogs on tumblr. And completely safe for work.
    Sorry. Now contains spoilers.

    Various Facebook pages:

    - This one, though recent, is in my opinion, the best Iris Facebook page. Nothing really controversial, and the opportunity to be lively. I recommend it the most. This also contains spoilers. Sorry, I will sort these better, soon.
    - One of the older but emptier Iris pages. It's recommended if you want a secondary page on Facebook to like. Not very lively, but it will show up in your Facebook likes. Before the first page I posted, there really wasn't a choice. It was either this, or the more rude and trollish but lively page I am about to mention. This actually does not contain spoilers that I am aware.
    - This was kind of disappointing for me back when I was first looking for an Iris Facebook page/group. It's fine if you're into that sort of humor and thing. But it was once the only lively page for Iris. It also has it's drawbacks for some people. The person acting as Iris is a bit more rude and trollish than I would image her. Out of the 3 pages, this is not the safest, and certainly isn't for everyone. And could be seen as kind of offensive to some. You might enjoy it. But I don't personally recommend it as my top pick. Not trying to be prudish, just recommending things to the best of my ability. It's probably pretty awesome for a lot of people.

    Iris trainer mod for Black and White
    - Link and description coming

    Post-Black & White 2 spoiler materials:

    Iris Bulbapedia Article
    - It's the page for Iris on the most successful Pokemon wiki out there. It's fun to read.

    Iris Deviantart fanpage/group

    - It does have spoilers, though they can be avoided. This is your Iris destination on Deviantart.

    Iris tag on Pixiv
    - Pixiv, as many people know, is much like a Japanese Deviantart. A lot of fanart out there are reposts of Pixiv materials. And I thought maybe many here we not using it as the great resource it is. It's not always complete safe for work. Also, since our Iris isn't the only character with the name Iris, there will be some other materials. However, the vast majority of pictures are incredibly safe and about our Iris, from Pokemon. And it is a great way to find new pictures from Japanese artists. I'm probably going to be reposting some of these pictures here, myself.

    Iris Safebooru tag
    - Safebooru is like all those other booru sites, but without all the porn stuff. Which is why I'm posting it. It's a great resource for those who want to have more nice Iris pictures, without having to sift through a whole bunch of nsfw material. A lot of these are reposts from pixiv and a lot of Japanese picture sites and the like. Nonetheless it's a great resource which pools a lot of fanart from a lot of Japanese sites.

    Iris via Zerochan
    - Zerochan is basically a lot like Safebooru, but not quite as good. Still, it's worth checking out because sometimes Zerochan will have some materials that other places like safebooru haven't gotten to yet.

    More links and descriptions and materials coming

    So, now that you're here. What do you like about Iris?

    (And please keep any spoiler information in spoilers)
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