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Originally Posted by Dr. James View Post
I surfed down from Cherrygrove city and arrived in Route 100. I kept surfing south, and then I wanted to go back, so I started surfing north. However, when doing so, a building appeared from nowhere in the middle of the sea and I became trapped in a city called Leaf Bay City. I could land in the city, and play there.

However, I assume this takes part later in the game, so there may be a problem with the connectors of Route 100.
By the way, this is what I was talking about:

>> Okay, I'm on Route 100 and I'm returning to Cherrygrove and... whoa. I find this.
>> Suddenly there's a gate and Leaf Bay City?
>> And if I return, Route 52 is now here and Route 100 vanishes!

So yep, it is definitely a problem with Route 100's connections.
Dr. James
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