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    Im sad to se that old, several hundred pages thread that was created right when i first signed up here gone now, but its probably for the best ;/

    I will use this opportunity to sort out my old challenges, so I'll update with everything Ive already done here

    BTW, i will be doing most 5. Gen challenges on White 2, but its not yet listed as an option in the OP

    Just for the record: I have finished the Kanto part of Ground, Fire, Normal and Ghost. I dont currently have plans to continue these until im in the right mood, so just list them as completed Kanto challenges.

    Im also up to Unova in both Bug and Water, but those are currently postponed until B2W2 are released because i dont want to lose all my event pokemon :I

    As for my current challenges, I have:

    Username: Jespoke
    Single or Ultimate: Single
    Game(s): Soul Silver
    Monotype: Poison

    Team: Currently a Zubat, an Ekans, a Bellsprout
    Prior progress: Im currently standing in front of Bugsy after a loss
    On hold: Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Water: White 2 - 2/8