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    Originally Posted by Anglican View Post
    0.o Though you said you were bad at spriting.... Those sprites are amazing!
    Aww thank you, I thought they were terrible at one point, they started to grow on me, but amazing! That makes me feel a lot better about them haha! I should have a few more soon.

    Originally Posted by personz5 View Post
    if your still taking suggestions i would like to suggest dont make the starters the same old fire water and grass type since its over played like dark psychic and fighting type starters or something and dont reveal them
    Information On Rivals and Starters:
    The starters aren't the traditional Grass, Fire, Water... In actually fact, the starter you have, the rival will not start with your weakness... Because in Homeward Bound™, you don't have a traditional Rival either... You make rivals during the game... The main characters (that you can choose from (male/female))... Have their Pokémon given to them differently, none of the, "both go to the Professor, you pick the starter, your rival picks the strongest to suit... Battle... Then rematch a couple towns on..." But your rival is played out differently and I love how all the rivals are played during the game... Can't wait for you all to find out what part they play

    I never understood why the games make your rival do that! I wouldn't care for weaknesses, that shows the trainers weakness and as far as I know, Gary, is better than Ash, right?! Having never lost... So why pick the "stronger" out the 3...

    I'm hoping your Starter will be a nice surprise, to a starter point of view anyway... Another thing, as I've made this game somewhat harder at points, easy at others and medium at others (this is not respective, as the game itself is spread between easy, madium and harder trainers), The starter you have is stronger than the originals.

    How Do We Meet The Rival and Do We Battle:
    You meet the rival early enough in the game, but you do not battle, he/she fits into the story (read the title)... There are a few characters that you meet throughout, who you will battle and each have their own "thing".

    What Happened To The Original Starters:
    This may be a question that would float in the back of your mind whether you ask it or not, but the usual KANTO starters, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, are available! Not by events, these are not given to you, they are not a prize, these are in fact, nothing to do with my creation... You can capture these in the wild, so you can have as many of these as you like.

    What Other Pokémon Will Be Wild Then:
    Good question! Every Pokémon is available, some only by overworld encounters, the rest, on Land, Surfing, Fishing, Caves and evolution... By Overworld encounters, I don't mean how Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres were portrade in r/b/y, or Mewtwo, but, they will be roamers in the wild, I just think it'll look prettier if some were moving in front of you instead of walking in the grass all the time, but, in some cases, they will be found in grass or caves, or whatever! But as rares, more common as Overworlds... Overworlds however, also have a chance to flee.