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Full Name:
Rajay Murdock



Saffron City


Mr Cool Kid. Always a "swagging" sort of character, matching out in every way possible, if one day he wore a red shirt he probably had on his red hat and red shoes. Of medium height and average build regular for a boy of his age, having yellow blonde hair which is usually covered by his hat but with hair still protruding from the front of his cap. Usually dressed in a brown shirt with sleeves that end a little pass his elbows and light blue jeans with a matching brown and blue hat. Finishing off his look his brown belt designed to hold his pokeballs, his poketch on hand, his light blue gloves and his "lucky" emerald pendant.

Arrogant and talkative are just a few words used to described Rajay. Jay is a spirited and energetic boy who is always ready to battle and even more ready to talk, something he loves to do almost as much as battling. Jay, or Murdock as some people refer to him as, can sometimes be perceived as a liar due to the fact that he often embellishes the truth to make himself sound better. If he battles and loses miserable he will always speak of the good moments he might have had and never speak of the defeat itself.

Jay does have his good qualities though, he is a loyal friend and a world class trainer(his words not mine). And then we find our way back at his bad qualities, he doesn't usually do it on purpose but sometimes he causes trouble for himself with his arrogant and ignorant behavior and his rash decision making. A hot head could be another name to call him but not to his face, or else you might face the consequences....


Well it's probably no surprise that one of the biggest mouths in Kanto came from one of the biggest cities, Saffron. So the stories begin 19 years ago when Rajay was born into the hustle 'n' bustle world of the city and pokemon. Born into a family rich with history known for having great battling ability and talented trainers and breeders but he was an only child who grew up with cousins and aunts and uncles all around him to remind him of family success.

Jack grew up around lots of friends and had his non stop stories to tell them over the years, aside from his time he spent in Saffron he traveled alot learning about the history of pokemon and the world they were living in. But he always returned with a story to tell whether they liked it or not.

At the end of the day Jay went with what he grew up and knew about and took off on his pokemon adventure with his trusty Growlithe hoping to emulate the family success and build his own name. He decided to journey with his Skitty and Heracross that he had caught while on his travels to other regions thinking it would be a easy road especially with the great ability that he believed he had.

It was a breeze up until the point he was stuck at Fuchsia City and their gym leader Janine who had bested him three times since his arrival there. Jay spent days training, sitting, wandering what next, if he couldn't beat all the gyms how could he go back to his hometown or his family. What would he do......



Species: Arcanine
Nickname: Ace
Level: 34
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset: Flamethrower-Flame Wheel-Agility-Thunder Fang
Personality: Polar opposite of his trainer, Ace is a calm and cool as they get, usually just happy to be with his trainer and battling only one thing will make Ace incredibly happy and that's an open field for him to run through. Still always looking out for Jay though and serves as his guardian.
Short Bio: Was Jay's guardian from a young age and as Jay grew so did he changing from a little growlithe chasing around a little boy ensuring he is safe and now into a fierce and powerful battler always dependable in battle and even serving as Jay's main form of transportation.

Species: Heracross
Nickname: Hercules
Level: 28
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
Moveset: Tackle-Leer-Horn Attack-Aerial Ace-Focus Punch-Endure
Personality: Now like trainer like pokemon, the hot head of the team. Look at him too hard and prepare to battle, look at the other pokemon on his team too hard prepare to fight, sneeze in a manner he doesn't like and expect a focus punch to the face.
Short Bio: Caught on a trip to Johto just to prove to his friends that he is a globe trotter who travels as much as he says. Ended up becoming one of his main battlers through his journey.

Nickname: Charmer
Level: 21
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Moveset: Tackle-Tail Whip-Growl-Attract-Sing-Doubleslap-Copycat
Personality: Will always try and charm her way out of anything, especially since she is a little trouble maker going around and eating peoples food just generally causing mayhem. But who could be mad at the cute little Skitty.
Short Bio: Another pokemon caught just to prove a point but Skitty was just too irresistible even for Jay and he just had to catch her, doesnt hurt with the ladies either
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