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    I have disabled avatars and signatures on here. Yeah I'm that serious. Forum kinda looks better too haha. Unfortunately, I found out who the Champion is, shocker, but not the E4 which is good. I want to know the entire Pokedex to plan out my team, which I more or less have. Love the Pokemon options. The Champion thing still hurts... But I'm kinda over it. I want to know Shizui's town, and about Pokewood and the World Tournament, the latter I am now more informed about.

    However, I want nothing to do with the storyline, completely ruins the game for me. The E4, as I said earlier, and Gym Leader's Pokemon levels. All of these I managed to avoid during BW and hope to do the same here, especially since the English game waiting period is shorter.

    Also, I am avoiding all threads to do with said topics.
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