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    Originally Posted by LugiaMZ View Post
    Now I know it, thanks. But I need the Champion VS screen, how to do it?

    Second problem, I use A-Trainer, when I edit the "Elite Four" Trainer Class to "Rival", then I test at VBA battle with the "Rival", the VS screen doesn't
    appear, how to make to VS screen appear in game?
    I don't know about the Champion Vs. screen, but the elite four vs screens are controlled under the "header" tab. Changing the "Fight Type" to one of the four Elite Four settings will make the battle have a Vs Screen, I believe. But I think it only works in certain circumstances, i.e the battler you're currently battling with is an Elite Four member, with an Elite Four sprite, and possibly only one of the original "Elite Four" trainer numbers. I have some ASM in my game, however, that lets you call the Vs Screen animation at will in any trainer battle, although I don't have the ASM on hand, and I can't find the tutorial either...I think it was either erased, or put somewhere else, or I just missed it in my pass through of the tutorial section.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.