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Cail Frost---Location---Suicine Dorms
After the encounter with Bannete, Cail felt dizzy with all that adrenilen running throughout his body. It seemed to halt after ten minutes of head spinning and stars. Cail was alone outside, sitting down at his door, watching the sun's last minute of glow before it dissapeared to lend light to the moon.
"Everything is just right, I wish I could live here." Cail said as the Pidgey's chirps died down and the Hootoot's sleep inducing hooting grew.
Night will fall very soon. In just ten minutes, there will be a full moon and the north star will be of guidance in the clear sky. Cail began to wish someone would say hi to him, for he is a shy one around anonymous people. Of course he just can't always start a simple conversation unless it's someone he knows, otherwise he worries of all the kinds of judgements one could think to lable him with.
"Oh, who cares anyways," Cail tried to shake it off, "This is just a school, i'll make plenty of friends," he emphasised the word "is".
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