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Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
Regardless of what fancy theories or correlations we can piece together, what speaks more too me for them making a game is money. Sure they make games for fun and the love of pokemon, but would prolonging a game that is usually in 2 gens after make monetary sense? I don't think it would receive any more money waiting then it would if they had it out next year or whenever it occurs within Gen V.

If they don't have RS remakes then it seems like this would be one of the shortest gens so they would go to gen VI sooner perhaps after they have a few spinoffs after BW2. Which if they have the usual four years we are due a new gen around 2014 so no new main series games until then if they don't go to Gen VI earlier would seem more of something to complain about then complaining about there being a remake.
I agree, this gen will only be a little long than gen II was if they lack remakes...unless they plan to simply stall with spin off like you said for the next two years...if so they should've just have released B2W2 in September like usual. I get the feeling their rushing this generation by, so it's likely there might be another generation soon if they decide to skip remakes.

This proably means nothing but I still find it interesting: Reshiram and Zekrom's initials are RZ which interestingly are the initials of the Spanish name for RS Rubi y Zaphiro. Also the color of B2W2 of the dragon Kyurem fused with happen to be those colors Black 2 is Blue (Zaphiro/Saphire) while White 2 is Red (Rubi/Ruby).
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