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    I been beaten a lot in wifi battles mostly because I use a bad team and I didn't know about ev training untill a while back here's my team:
    Luca the Lucario
    Item: Expert Belt
    Nature:Hardy, Somewhat vain
    Ability: inner focus
    Moves:Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Psychic, Aura Sphere

    Dark Draco the Haxorus
    Itemhell Bell
    Nature:Rash, likes to run
    Ability: Rivalry
    Moves: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Outrage

    Treeky the Sceptile
    Item: Razor Claw
    Nature: Sassy, likes to run
    Ability: overgrow
    Moves: Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Sword Dance

    Mud the Swapert
    Item: Leftovers
    Nature: Rash, likes to fight
    Ability: Torrent
    Moves: Earthquake, surf, Protecr, Bulldoze

    Blaze the Blaziken
    Item: Flame Plate
    Nature:Lonely, somewhat stubborn
    Moves: Fire blitz, Sword Dance, Flame charge, Brick Brake

    Latios the Latios XD
    Item:Draco plate
    Nature: Calm, Loves to eat
    Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Thunder Wave, Dragon Pulse, Psychic, Thunderbolt

    Plz help thanx

    Oops I am new here and well i accidently made two sorry new threads
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