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    Originally Posted by Daikoru View Post
    Hello folks.

    I feel like starting a ROM Hack, major project. However, I have never done a ROM Hack before. All of the knowledge I have from creating games are from RPG Maker (Did pretty much everything, except Scripting).

    So I went and looked around to get informations and grab programs (thought all the ones I wanted were included in PGE). However, I still have some things I want to know:

    -I wish to create Fakemons, with my own spriting skills. PGE has all kind of stuff for editting a Pokemon except one thing: Sprites. What program for Sprite editing would you you suggest for a beginner?
    Wichu's Advanced Series:
    I can't post links yet, but it's in the Toolbox.

    Great tools, super easy to use!

    -I've seen Physical/Special split is possible to edit in the Attack Editor of PGE. However, I've also heard it requires an ASM to make it work. I have no idea what that is, mind helping me find/install that ASM?
    Unfortunately, this is the only complete version I can find. You need to create an account to view the post:

    It's just an IPS file that you can apply to your ROM, the same way you would apply any hack. If you've already begun work on your hack, I don't think applying the patch will mess anything up, but obviously create a backup just in case.

    And to change whether an attack is physical or special, the option in PGE's attack editor should now work.

    -I'd like to create moves with particular effects. I know I can only use existing effects. However, can I make an effect that normally does no damage actually do damage in addition to the effect? (such as Protect and Transform).
    I'm pretty sure that you can just select the effect from the drop-down menu in PGE's attack editor, and then give your attack a base power.

    Although with Transform specifically I don't know how this would work. Would the damage be calculated before or after the transform effect?

    Bear in mind that I don't have much more experience than you, so make backups in case my advice ruins your ROM.

    And I'm not experienced enough to answer your other questions.