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Oh my god...this roleplay just... exploded! Either the RP attracted more roleplayers or my advertising worked! xD This is a successful run, Swifty!'s my SU. Let me know if I'm missing something. Took me the whole day to do this! xD


Full Name: Caydee Mint
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hometown: Vermillion City
Appearance: Caydee is very short...shorter than average, actually. Standing at 4'11 (close to 5'0) and 118 pounds. She is a “summer” girl, as she likes to wear tank tops, shorts, skirts, dresses and flip-flops. Her daily outfit consists of a tank-top dress, length down to her knees with white sandals and a red ascot around her neck. She's pale white, with naturally tealish blue long hair, with aquamarine colored eyes. Her cheeks are red, due to her wearing blush make up...similar to a kimono girl. As she likes to be out on the sun, matter what size lens they are, are a must if she goes outside or on a trip. She never takes them off, and when indoors...she has them up on her hair.

Personality: When you come in a room, whether a classroom, a store, and anywhere public, she'll be the first person you notice. If you dare to talk to her, she won't respond with her voice. She'll just nod. Yeah, she is that shy. Caydee has been shy pretty much all her life, and she is very timid when it comes. But inside her shyness, is her competitive side. As she has grown up with sibling pokemon trainers and she has competitive battlers in her family, she always shows her competitiveness and her battling skills when around Pokemon or with trainers. When interacting with her, her voice will be loud. She'll talk to you and you'll think you're being yelled at.

Biography: Caydee Mint is a recent graduate from the Vermillion Pokemon Trainer's School in Vermilion City. She was born and raised in the same city, born to a family with a large history of competitive battling. Her father won two Pokemon Leagues in a row, her mother was trained under Gym Leader Lt. Surge. She has three older brothers and one younger sister. The younger sister is still in Pokemon Trainer's School, while the three brothers have traveled together to both Kanto and Johto in hopes to compete for the Pokemon League there.

When Caydee entered Pokemon Trainer's School in her first year, she was gifted a Squirtle as a starter Pokemon, nicknamed Hydro. Her first year was the worst year of her life, seeing that she was always beaten horribly by the tough trainers at the school. At one point, Caydee wanted to quit training her Pokemon, and was tempted to abandon her Squirtle. Instead of doing both, she decided to use the knowledge she learned from her famliy to train her Squirtle. Later on during the training, she also managed to defeat (and capture) a Vulpix, despite the type advantage. After the training, and the battle between the Vulpix, Squirtle became an ultimate champion at the school, beating almost every student, even the tough opponents Caydee faced at her first weeks of school. She did the same training and battle strategies to her Vulpix.

In her final year of Pokemon Trainer's School, she was the #2 in the top battlers. Caydee's challenge is to beat the #1 in her school, and she has Hydro, now a Wartortle, and Vulpix. One of her brothers, who was going to travel to Sinnoh to compete at the Pokemon League there, gifted her an Eevee with a Thunderstone. He told her not to evolve it until she feels the Eevee is ready. As the #1 Pokemon Battler accepted Caydee's challenge, she trained her three Pokemon very hard, day and night...even she had to pull a few all-nighters in order to avoid heat exhaustion during the day. Days before graduation, she battled the #1 Pokemon Trainer, and beats all three of his Pokemon by a landslide. All the training was worth it. The #1 Pokemon longer #1, gave Caydee a Fire Stone to evolve Vulpix into Ninetales as a graduation/congrats gift. She was able to evolve him using the Fire Stone, as well as evolve her Eevee into Jolteon, now nicknamed Thunder.

After graduating from school, her parents told her, and gifted her a ticket to the S.S. Anne, where she will be taking a cruise there along with other Pokemon trainers. Caydee became excited, she wanted to train more to become as great as her family, but she also needed to relax. :P


Species: Ninetales
Nickname: None
Level: 26
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset: Flame Burst, Fire Spin, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Tail Whip, Growl
Personality: As Caydee's second Pokemon, Ninetales likes to be the winner of everything. Being taught to battle and win every competition since he was captured as a Vulpix, he and Caydee share the same interest in competition. He hated her friends, and he loved the rivals at the school. Ninetales likes to make enemies rather than friends, in order to obtain experience from his moves.
Short Bio: Born as a Vulpix, he raised himself in the wild around the outskirts of Vermilion City. As Caydee found him lurking around, she challenged him for a battle, and Hydro the Wartortle was able to beat it with one attack. Alongside Hydro, he was trained competitively and practiced for the battle against the #1 battler. As Caydee won the battle, the former #1 trainer gave her a Fire Stone, and was afterwards given to him to evolve into what he is now, a Ninetales.

Species: Wartortle
Nickname: Hydro
Level: 28
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Aqua Tail, Tackle, Tail Whip, Rapid Spin, Protect, Water Pulse,
Personality: Lax, cool, and carefree at times, but his competitiveness does get in the way at times. Since he was a Squirtle, he's learned pretty much the do's and don'ts of battling thanks to Caydee. To Hydro, each loss is a lesson..and he takes his mistakes and turns into something he could learn with.
Short Bio: Hydro was born from an egg, to a Marshtomp father and a Wartortle mother. The Marshtomp belonged to one of the brothers. The Squirtle was recently hatched when he was gifted to Caydee, and became Caydee's first Pokemon. As Hydro entered school with Caydee, he lost many battles to the trainers at school, but he never gave up trying under Caydee's orders. He trained competively day and night, along with Vulpix, and beats the #1 trainer with his newly learned move Water Pulse.

Species: Jolteon
Nickname: Thunder
Level: 29
Gender: Female
Ability: Volt Absorb
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Double Team, Charge Beam
Personality: Thunder needs more training, as she lacked a bit when gifted to Caydee from her brother. She'll disobey sometimes, wanders off randomly, and is very humorous. She'll crack a joke as she zaps electricity while laughing. To Caydee, she has a...weird personality...weird enough to understand, but she knows that way because she was raised by her brother, who shares the same aspects.
Short Bio: Thunder's original trainer is Caydee's brother. She has traveled with him as an Eevee to Johto and Kanto, but was left in care of Caydee before leaving to Sinnoh. Thunder was the winning Pokemon when she battled the #1 trainer at the Trainer's School, and by Caydee's choice, she used the Thunderstone she got from her brother to evolve into Jolteon. After evolution, the name “Thunder” was donned, and it fits her perfectly.

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