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Iris is utterly wonderful; I'd love to sign-up. ♥

The main things I love about Iris are her pure heart and determination. It's wonderful to see such an inspiring person performing in the way she does, even despite the greatest challenges she faces. She has some adorable moments where she's either cowering from an Ice type or making a funny face at Ash; some brave moments where she's battling a Haxorus or rescuing injured Pokémon; some adventurous moments where she's swinging through the forest or chasing after new Pokémon; and most of all she has the most memorable quotes & catch-phrases we could ask for. Also she has a great taste in Pokémon, as well as her main Pokémon Axew being utterly adorable <3 I was really surprised to hear the B2W2 news though; I never expected that much from her :o