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    Hi! I'd Like to join this club.

    I'm Okjoek

    I'd like my friend to be Wallace
    My partner would be Milotic

    I want to join because I havn't been on in a long time (since early in the school year) and my old Team Magma and Aqua fanclub doesn't appear to exist anymore so I need some new groups to chat about Pokemon stuff with. Since I love role playing in my games by making my own champion teams I thought this would be a nice place to discuss the pros and cons of the existing champions. My first game was Emerald which was awesome because I got to fight not one but two champions! I hope you soon add Iris to your list aswell. Also as a side note N was able to defeat Alder officialy making him a champion for a short time so he should be up there =P.

    Onto discussion I guess... Strongest Champion? Here's how I rate them and why:

    1: Cynthia, She has a ballanced team, I love how they used a pokemon with no weakness as a startoff in battle. Garchomp is the most devistating sweeper of an end boss ever.

    2: Steven: It's not asmuch his team I like as it is his design, attitude, speech and the fact that collecting stones is indeed a fun hobby! But when it comes to battling, he's got something that'l piss everyone off from spikes to toxic to duel screening. I'm dissapointed he doesn't have one pokemon that knows sandstorm, but his theme of finding the opponents weak points is wonderful.

    3:Gary Mother____ing Oak, I fought EVERY SINGLE trainer in my Fire Red and still had trouble in battle with him. He's got a well ballanced team, although none of his pokemon would fall into my favorite list.He's the original champion so he has to be in my top 3.

    4: Wallace, yes my first champion! and by far the most fabulous! Doubling as a contest master and ex gym leader I just never understand why he's so underrated. He's the only champion I EVER lost to because since Emerald was my first game I skipped loads of trainers and was not so much confused but too intrigued with the world of pokemon around me to prepair and even buy equipment effectively. On top of that I had my Blaziken, Chicky who found no comfort fighting Wallace. I eventually beat him after capturing Rayquaza which I realy had no idea in my inexperience that it was a "no skill" way to win.

    5: Lance... Ice beam. Nuff said. Couldn't be bottom for me though because the overall idea is badass and capes are simply amazing.

    Red: I realy don't care for his team nor design, but he is... red I guess. *shrugs*.

    6: Alder... Derp, His whole team could be swept by a pokemon with some good fire and fighting moves like my infernape from Diamond.
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