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    Finally, after hours of work, it's done! Let me know if it needs changing.

    Full Name:
    Dorian “Dee Dee” Dammer
    Age (16+):18
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Viridian City, Kanto
    Appearance: Dee Dee stands at about 5' 8'', and looks like the picture below:

    Dee Dee is rarely seen without his leather jacket, black T-shirt and dark denim jeans. He got this outfit after finding out about his father's death and turning into the usually gloomy person he is today.

    Dorian, or Dee Dee, as he likes to be called, is one pessimistic person. The guy has problems seeing the silver lining of things, and will always think about the worst that can possibly happen. However, that doesn't mean he won't go out of his way to achieve his goals, or help someone in need. He loves Pokémon and hates it when someone mistreats a Pokémon (or another person). He will try to fight and stop those people he sees as bullies, which was the reason he befriended Ayame when he was so little (see Biography).
    Speaking of Ayame, Dee Dee has a slight crush on her. He was felt this way for her ever since she comforted him after learning the truth about his father's absence. He trusts her completely and will not hesitate to help her or ask for her help. In spite of this, he hasn't told her about the feelings he has for her yet.

    Biography: Dorian Dammer was born in Viridian City. His mother, Lillian Dammer (née Langdon) was a housewife and his father, Robert Dammer, worked as a car salesman, and the family was pretty well-off in the beginning. However, just months after Dorian’s birth, Robert was confronted by a street thug who wanted to rob him of Pokémon. Having no Pokémon of his own and having the thug no sanity, the latter left Dorian fatherless. Lillian, devastated about this incident, decided to keep her husband’s demise a secret from Dorian so as not to hurt him, and told the boy that his father left to become a Pokémon Trainer and that he would come back once he learned how to speak at age two. When he was about four years old, he help a girl fend off some bullies who tormented her. The girl’s name was Ayame, and they quickly became friends. They became closer as they grew up, and by the time Dorian was a teenager he had already told Ayame about his dream: to finally meet his father when he came back. At the age of ten he started going by the name of Dee Dee.
    Then, at age thirteen, something crushed him completely. He was watching TV when he heard a news report on a murderer being finally sent to jail. The murderer was none other than the thug who took Dorian’s father away from him. And, as the photo of Robert Dammer appeared on the screen, Lillian quickly covered his eyes. She explained everything to the teenager and both ended up in tears as Dee Dee learned the truth about his family. Having lost his dreams, he believed his whole life was a lie, but luckily he still had his best friend Ayame, who comforted him.
    Thanks to Ayame, he found a new goal in life and decided to be a Pokémon Trainer. He got his Pokémon from Viridian Forest, where he would play with his best friend. But his goals in life are not the only thing that changed about Dee Dee. His feelings for Ayame also changed, as he developed a slight crush on her.


    Nickname: Neon
    Level: 26
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Adaptability
    Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Bite, Return, Take Down.

    Personality: Neon considers Dee Dee his best friend, and is extremely loyal to him. He will risk his life to protect him, and knows that the boy would do the same. He is usually calm and takes things easy, which can make him a bit lazy at times. He is also the voice of reason in Dee Dee’s team.
    Short Bio: Neon met Dee Dee one day he was taking a walk around the city. The boy found a stray Eevee who was injured and took it to the Pokémon Center. The Eevee decided to follow Dee Dee everywhere he went and eventually became his Pokémon.

    Species: Butterfree
    Nickname: Queenie
    Level: 24
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Compoundeyes
    Moveset: Tackle, Psybeam, Sleep Powder, Attract, Bug Bite.
    Personality: Queenie is cheerful and kind of a prankster, and loves to mess with Dee Dee and his Pokémon for fun. However, she might go too far, and will be deeply sorry and beg for forgiveness once she realizes she crossed the line.
    Short Bio: Queenie was the first Pokémon Dee Dee caught in a battle. After going into Viridian Forest with Neon for the first time, they encountered a wild Caterpie and battled her. Dee Dee ended up catching her with relative ease, and she has evolved twice and become stronger since then.

    Species: Grovyle
    Nickname: Marc
    Level: 29
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moveset: Pound, Leer, Quick Attack, Absorb, Leaf Blade, Brick Break.
    Personality: Marc is one paranoid Grovyle. He doesn’t trust any human, not even Dorian, but he will stay loyal to him in spite of that. He is also very volatile and will tend to react badly when it’s not necessary.
    Short Bio: Marc was abandoned by his trainer when he was a Treecko because he was “too weak and wouldn’t evolve”, which made him resent humans and strive to become stronger and stronger. He met Dee Dee one day the boy was playing in Viridian Forest, and attacked him almost right away. The boy’s Eevee, Neon, stepped up to protect him, and Marc evolved during that battle. Dee Dee and Marc battled many times, before the Grovyle saw the bond between him and his Pokémon and decided to follow him.

    Name: Creamer
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
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