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    Update #7

    Ran into Wally and defeated his team without too much effort
    Made my way way through Victory Road
    Had some trouble in the last double battle with the two Slakings...
    got to the Elite 4 Building
    Flew back to Mauville and grinded some levels on route 117 until everybody was Lv 50
    The E4
    - Dark : It went ok since many had a second type I could take advantage of

    - Specter : Dusclops took me off guard with a Shadow ball I thought Ludicolo could stomach...*fainted* (revive count : 1)

    - Ice : the Sealeos were easy, the Glalie manageable except when he goes EXPLOSION on you... Tentacruel faited. Walrein took out Starmie with Sheer Cold *CHEAP* (revive count : 3)

    - Dragon : Shelgon = easy, Altaria = easy, Kingra = Cheap!!! Spam Double Team and then Smoke Screen and then Dragon Dance. I put up Barrier to deal with that but it got a Crit on Tentacruel who went down in one hit... Starmie RKed it. Flygon = easy. Salamence = easy (revive count : 4)

    - Wallace : Wailord fell to Giga Drain, Tentacruel to Thunderbolt, Ludicolo to Sludge Bomb, Whiscash to Giga Drain, And then, the Stall War with Milotic took for EVER. I used Toxic, it kept using Recover, switched to Starmie who finally took it out with Thunderbolt, Gyarados was fried by Thunderbolt after that.


    Final Team : Swampert Lv 52 / Tentacruel Lv 50/ Ludicolo Lv 52 / Staryu Lv 53
    Honorable mentions : Linoone (HM/Pick Up Slave) / Wingull (Personal Flyer)
    Badges : 8

    Final Pic:

    Onwards, to Sinnoh!
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