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OK, I started my Sinnoh run for the Ghost UMC

-Chose Turtwig (HM Slave)
-Beat Barry
-Hacked in a low-level Misdreavus named Siren
-Boring Story
-Beat Barry
-Beat Roark
-Beat Mars
-Caught Drifloon named Shroud
-Beat Gardenia
-Caught Ghastly named Doom
-Caught Rotom named Volt
-Shroud evolved
-Beat Jupiter
-Doom evolved

Currently blindly stumbling my way through Wayward Cave

Current Team:

Siren (Misdreavus) Lv. 21
Levitate, Timid Nature
Confuse Ray, Psywave, Spite, Astonish

Shroud (Drifblim) Lv. 28
Unburden, Quirky Nature
Payback, Astonish, Gust, Focus Energy

Doom (Haunter) Lv. 26
Levitate, Relaxed Nature
Sucker Punch, Shadow Punch, Curse, Night Shade

Volt (Rotom) Lv. 21
Levitate, Serious Nature
Thundershock, Confuse Ray, Uproar, Double Team

HM Slaves: Turtwig (Rock Smash, Cut)

Completed Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Dark (Gens I-V), Ghost (Gens I-V), Dragon (Gens I-IV)
One-in-Each Challenge (Gens I-V): Dragonite - Hitmonchan - Gardevoir - Blissey - Beartic
Ultimate Monocolor Challenge: Green (Gens I-V)
Nuzlocke Challenge: Red | Pokédex Challenge: Red, Gold
Ultimate Time Warp Challenge: Medieval Era (Gens I-V)
Current Challenges:
Eevee Ultimate Solo Challenge: 8/8 -
16/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
Flying Ultimate Monotype Challenge:
8/8 - 4/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8