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    Diamond Water MonoType Challenge Log
    Update #2:
    Went through team Galactic building, defeated Jupiter

    Got a Bike!

    Took cycling road south to Oreburgh

    Was in a double battle and realized Snail has one of the worst passives in the game (Storm Drain).

    Started going through Mt. Coronet

    Stop the buneary, go to the contest hall and get the glitter powder and tuxedo

    Defeated my rival, but it was close because I forgot to heal before
    Got the Good Rod

    Went through Routes 209, 210, and 215 to get to Veilstone city

    Leveled up Snail until he evolved into Gastrodon

    Challenged Maylene, but had problems because she critted on everything.
    Despite that, I was able to defeat her on my first try.

    Get the Fly HM from the warehouse

    Got the TM for Dig in Ruin Maniac Cave

    Caught a wingull to be a semi-HM slave, named it Charles and a Magikarp who I named Rock

    Evolved Goose into Empoleon and Rock into Gyarados

    Taught Goose the grass knot TM I got in Eterna and Rock the Thunder TM I bought in Veilstone

    Defeated Crasher Wake, though Gyarados missed his thunder and died before he could use a second one, so Snail came in and Body Slammed a few times

    Went into Great Marsh to get Defog HM

    Ran after the Team Galactic grunt, found Cynthia and received the SecretPotion

    Used the SecretPotion, got the Old Charm to deliver

    Defeated team Galactic in Celestic Town and delivered the old charm, received the surf HM

    Went to The Underground to get a Heart Scale to teach Rock the move Bite

    Trained Rock from trainers on route 212, then went to challenge Fantina

    Defeated Fantina, using Thunder on her Drifblim, Bite on her Gengar and a Few Brines from Goose on her Mismagius

    Caught myself a Tentacool, named it Squidly

    Went to Iron Island to get some extra exp for Snail and Squidly (Exp. Share)

    Team so Far:

    Goose the Empoleon - Level 38
    Snail the Gastrodon - Level 37
    Rock (Not a rock Pokemon) the Gyarados - Level 33
    Squidly the Tentacool - Level 28
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    Current Challenges:

    On Hold: (Don't have X/Y)
    Water UMC (FR/C/S/D/W)
    Dragon UMC (FR/SS/S/P/W)

    Complete Challenges:
    Squirtle->Wartortle->Blastoise Solo Run (FR)
    Flying Monotype (FR)