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Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
Are there gonna be any new scripts?
I do have a couple basic scripts that will need to be changed/added, but probably nothing tooo major. I haven't given scripting a try yet, but I know I will need to learn to make the few script edits. And I have a few people in mind who I'm sure will help me out with this(:
Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
(I was avoiding this til I saw your Pidgey sprite)
So are you saying you liked the look of the Gold sprite for Pidgey in Red and that's what motivated you to post here? Well thank you very much
Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
(a more constructive post will follow when I feel better)
I look forward to it! And I hope you feel better fast!

Also, I've replaced the Titlescreen once again. This time with a devamped Gold "POKéMON" logo. I think it turned out great and looks way better than the original RB logo. Next I will look into tweaking these palettes
I'm also pleased to point out that no original graphics remain on the Titlescreen :D they are now all custom graphics! Enjoy.

Also please leave any feedback you can think of. Whether its about the storyline, the Town Map, Titlescreen, Gold battle screen graphics, or anything else! All input is welcome and highly appreciated!

~Danny-E 33

EDIT: Alright, Titlescreen updated yet again with identical palettes from Gold for the Pokemon logo, and changed "Prototype" from the default red palette to a purple color. However, im leaving the sprites' palette the same for now.

EDIT2: Also, I should probably mention: I decided against using the name "Pokémod". Originally, "Pokémod" was only used as a place holder until I came up with a better name. When I decided on "Prototype" I never bothered taking "Pokémod" out and I just kinda went with it. But after thinking about it long enough, I have decide I will stick with the original name of "Pokémon"
(Thanks to DrFuji for changing the thread title )

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