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Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
I've never played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but I've heard great things on the forums yesterday. I was thinking of buying one. So, which would you recommend to start with? Should I just get the most recent one? If I buy an older version, what features am I missing out on?
If you want to buy one then I'd agree with Vaporeon7 to go for Sky
It has most features like Spinda's Café which is probably the best one , most dungeons, most starters (you can play as Riolu! :D) and special episodes are bonus as well It also has Shaymin who wasn't in the previous MDs

I would also suggest playing the first MD at least on emulator Red/Blue was the beggining for most of use who love MDs and you really don't want to miss the emotions the first MD gave us
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