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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

    Well she deserves a Pokémon so why not Dragonite? Maybe it could be new Doryuzu =)
    A. It's not on her B2/W2 team. If she was to get a fully evolved dragon, would Hydreigon make more sense (yeah her team doesn't reflect B/W (Sans Axew technically) but ever since it was announced she was the new champ, everyone sees a Dragon or something that is on her team (like any Lapras) they scream "LAWDY IRIS GONE CAPTURE ET!" Like with those speculations, she isn't going to get it. The writers are just not gonna give her a fully evolved pseu legend.

    B. If they were to give her a Dratini line Pokemon, giving her Dratini would make more sense. Heck alot of Pokemon would make sense, but a fully evolved like that? Not a chance.
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