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Im here to confirm my loose against Undefeatable. Im not really sure how this works but i guess .5 rep go for him. BTW i declare myself out of the league. The reasons are the following, contstant use of changing pokemon: i dont know if you know, but officialy changing pokemon while battling is forbidden. In other tournaments maybe once and MAX twice but no ten times in a battle, thats why you are training pokemon so it can be strong on their disadvantages. Use of legendary pokemon: I mean really people?! I battle against a Kyogre and a Lugia, and the Lugia was Shiny!. Even if catching a lugia shiny is one opportunity out of a million, i dont care the colours,and i dont care if its a hack or not, but the stats of the lugia are completely extraordinary in comparison with no legendary pokemon. Use of items in battle: i dont think i need an explanaition on these, helding items that up your HP, or damage other pokemon are strictly forbidden. I confirm the winning of Lezza against me...