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    Hello there, it's me, Vato, with another Fic. Well, not exactly, it's just another revamp of my FanFic, first of all, I have to tell you, English is not my first lenguage, so please excuse any grammar mistakes, if you may, but, anyways, bear with me as we move onto the important stuff in this Fic called Time, Space... and Minccino!

    The Fic will remain sort-of the same, but with major changes here and there, for example, I'm trying to do each scene from the point of view of a character/Pokemon.

    So, here's the plot for whoever wants to read it:
    This world... it's not even a shadow of itself anymore. No one knows exactly how, but the day they say Cyrus would finally create his own world... that day everything went wrong. The Red Chain could not hold two Pokemon as strong as Dialga & Palkia, and trying to control Giratina when it showed up caused it to break. With anger, the dragons flew all across the Sinnoh region, wreaking havoc to any place where they arrived. The Sinnoh region had vanished in flames, but the dragons anger didn't, they went farther, destroying Kanto, and then Hoenn. By doing so, they accidentally woke up Groudon and Kyogre once again... And then, floods, earthquakes, lighting striking everywhere. It was all a disaster. Rayquaza still had to deal with the dragons, as they were chasing him with anger, not wanting him to stop them again. For the dragons, the humans were now betrayers, and they deserved to be punished.

    An evil organization by the name of Team Plasma had dwelled underground, waiting for the moment to arise and take over the Unova region. But when they did, the rage of Groudon and Kyogre had already devastated the whole world. All the regions were encompassed, and each town and city was destroyed. Luckily there was still people alive. That was the time... if N was really the chosen one, he would be able to awake Reshiram. And so he did, after going to what remained of Dragon Spiral tower, he succesfully bought Reshiram back from the stone he had converted to. With the power of Reshiram, N was able to stop Groudon and Kyogre, once and for all...

    But he still had to deal with the dragons, Rayquaza joined forces with N. After a fierce fight. The dragons decided to give humanity a second chance. But if they ever tried to control them... then they wouldn't hold back.

    Years have passed, the cities were re-built, a handful of gyms still remain, but only one Pokemon League does. Everyone worships N, who saved the world from the wrath of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Groudon and Kyogre. But little do they know about Team Plasma's goals...

    And here's the index (I'll specify who narrates which scene next to each title):

    1 Prologue
    1.1 Minccino
    1.2 Pikachu
    1.3 VS Hydreigon

    PART I: The shadow and the chinchilla.
    2 This World...
    2.1 Deoxys
    2.2 Gyarados
    2.3 VS Deoxys
    2.4 Giratina
    2.5 Dialga
    2.6 N

    Finally, here's the Prologue (each and every chapter, obviously including Prologue and Epilogue, will be divided by scenes)
    Anyways, here it is:


    Scene The First
    (narrated by, you guessed it, Minccino)

    Swipe, swipe, hello there! My name is Minccino, and I just love cleaning. If I don't clean... I die. Well, not really, but I just can't stand dirt. That's why I don't get along with Trubbish very well... Unfortunately, I must stand them, as Viridian City is right next to where I live; Broom Fields.

    Broom Fields is quite a delightful place. It is right next to the shore so we always get visited by Krabby or Corphish. The field itself is nothing but a huge, green plain with some trees here and there. Minccino (that is, Pokemon like me) inhabit inside the hollows of this trees. Not every human can see these hollows. So they call them Hidden Hollows.

    The hollows are nice places to live at, except for one thing; undesired visitors. I mean, seriously, how can you live safely knowing that a Muk or Bouffalant will enter and leave a filthy mess?! Luckily we have someone who's always looking for us: Lady Cinccino. Lady Cinccino will always make sure to keep unwanted guests away from us. Her fur repels enemy attacks and filth! How cool is that? I wish I was a Cinccino; that way I would be safe from dust and static. But I can only become one once I'm exposed to this thing called the Shiny Stone. That's why I've been trying to find one, but they aren't any of them around here.

    Around here we have a small ritual; if you manage to show your strength to Lady Cinccino, she will allow you to go ouside the fields and travel on your own. But it's no easy task, Lady Cinccino repels most attacks with her fur so inflicting any damage is quite difficult. However, I have a secret weapon that will surprise everyone!


    Scene The Second
    (Yes, Pikachu is the narrator)

    I spy with my little eye a furry Pokemon! Hello, Pikachu is the name and electricity is my game! I just decided to leave Viridian Forest. It's quite a monotone life in there. Seriously, it's always the same; you wake up, get chased by a couple of Beedrill, and after an eight-hour chase, you go to sleep.

    So that's basically everything you need to know about me; that, and the fact that I'm a female Pikachu. Anyways, what was I saying? Ah, yes, the furry Pokemon...

    Now that I'm paying attention, it's not just one furry Pokemon, they're several of them! They all look quite the same... are those what they call Minccino? I imagined them to be a little bit taller! I mean, c'mon! Even I am taller than them!

    I was just minding my own business when one of those Minccino came closer and started talking to me:

    "Hey, my name's Minccino, wanna be my friend?"

    "What? No!"

    "Be My friend!"

    "Fine! I'll be your friend!"

    "Yay! I'll go tell everyone that I made a friend!"

    For a moment I thought that would be it... but turns out I was wrong! Suddenly, a huge amount of those Pokemon flooded the whole field; and they were all heading towards me while yelling Be Our Friend! Not with an angry tome, but with a charming tone that could scare even the toughest human!

    Scared. I began to run to get out of that weird place. However, all those Minccino were all around, and they were all heading towards me! How would I be supposed to get away if they were all around me? In days like these I wish I could fly. But Pikachu aren't made to fly... well, except for that weird Pikachu that did so attaching ballons to himslef... lots of ballons.

    Eventually, all those Minccino reached me. They held me up high, and took me towards who they call Lady Cinccino. This lady is located at the farthest end of the fields, between a pair of trees with hollows in them.

    Lady Cinccino speaks, well... weird. i dunno how to explain it, but, acording to her, seeing a Pikachu in Broom Fields is like seeing an action man abseiling after an argy-bargy from a mountain while yelling rubbish amongst the clouds. I have no idea of what that means...

    According to her, I'll be... as useful as a a lovely pair of baps bespoke for a bakery. I think that was... sort of a compliment. And she said that, for a change, I'll be the top bloke in the ritual. What that ritual is or what purpose it serves remains unknown for me...


    Scene The Third
    VS Hydreigon
    (No, Hydreigon is not the narrator, it's actually Minccino)

    Have I ever mentioned how us Minccino love to make new friends? Everytime we see strangers, we beg them to be our friends, and then we take them to Lady Cinccino to see if she approves our new friend. And not only did she aprove the new Pokemon, now we all have to fight against Pikachu in order to be allowed to travel! And what's worst, it's strong as hell. But that's nothing to worry about, I still have my secret weapon! And now, it's finally my turn...

    Drums... all the other Minccino play a fitting melody with drums using their tails. It's a slow beating that slowly increases in speed so it kinda sets the pressure in an accurate way. All those Minccino, even when some of them lost, and won't get another chance to prove themselves worthy to travel in a year, they're all happy. They're all forming a circle around me and that Pikachu, Lady Cinccino is also in that circle, sitting in a log that was cut up to serve as a seat.

    The sun is beginning to set, so the visibility will be gone in a few hours, or who knows, maybe minutes. Will I defeat that Pikachu? I begin to wonder... Am I strong enough? I know I was confident... It's just that the determined face on that Pikachu concerns me... I feel like a Magikarp, pathetic and weak.

    "Good luck," says the Pikachu, with a big smile in his face, and I mean a very big one.

    "Thanks," I whisper. Luckily, us Minccino can't sweat. If we could, I'd be soaked, I'm nervous as hell!

    "Let the match begin!" Lady Cinccino says with a cheerful voice tone.

    And suddenly... the wind begins to blow, I don't know how to describe it... but I have the feeling someone is coming. Someone... or something. We all look around, worried. And that's when I saw it. Not so far away, a bunch of Dragon Pokemon I can't identify are heading towards us. And they're all mad.

    They all open their mouths wide open... yellow small spheres of light appear in front of these.

    "It's Hyper Beam," a Minccino yells, pointing at the dragons with his small paw. Upon hearing this, all the other Pokemon begin to run, all of them except for Lady Cinccino, Pikachu and me. But I don't know if it's because we're brave or we're just paralyzed by fear. And then... the beams, they all head towards the fields, hitting them in a blink of an eye. The fields, those wonderful fields... burning, disintegrating. Vanishing...

    The flames, they're surrounding us. And the dragons, they're descending in front of us. At first I thought that they were just rampaging dragons... but they're not. There's people riding on their backs. They're all wearing grey and black suits that look pretty much the same. And the other guy...

    It's a man that looks quite old. He's wearing a black suit, and he's holding a weird key-like thing of a clear-blue color with his left hand.

    "You Liars!" he says, "There is nothing apart from Minccino in here, it was a complete waste of valuable time!"

    "Lord Ghetsis," says one of the guys wearing the weird suits, "We could maybe take that Pikachu, since there is nothing else..."

    "For what exactly?" he yells at the guy, "They might me the most popular Pokemon around, but they are unuseful and weak!"

    I walk towards Hydreigon, saying Hey, dragons! Be my friends! with my cheerful voice, but one of them knocks me with its blue and purple tail. Upon seeing this, Pikachu gets mad and jumps towards that dragon. Sparks flying off from his cheeks. The dragon the man was mounting a while ago knocks it back with its tail.

    "Well done Hydreigon... now kill them, if you may," says the man.

    That Hydreigon... its body glows orange and an orange ball of light appears to be forming inside its body, as you can see it glowing from where we were. It then opens its mouth wide and a huge orange orb appears inside it.

    I had to stop that attack... but how? That's when I remembered, my secret weapon! I stretched my tail out and a small water stream spiral formed around it. I slammed Hydreigon hard, hoping to do severe damage to it. But nothing, he doesn't even reacts to it, as if it wouldn't have even hurt!

    "You stupid Pokemon!" said that Ghetsis guy, "Did you really thought that a water move would do any damage to Hydreigon?!"

    He lets a huge laugh out. Hydreigon didn't stop his move, it fired the orb into the sky where it exploded, releasing multiple smaller spheres... all of them heading towards us.

    Lady Cinccino jumped in front of us. Her arms strectched out. And her eyes were glowing red. A huge green sphere started to form with the three of us inside of it. All the spheres from Hydreigon's attack hit the green sphere around us. But luckily none of them could destroy it. After all the spheres feel, the one surrounding us faded, and Lady Cinccino fell into the grass, exhausted.

    "That Cinccino might be useful after all," said Getsis, "...Get it now!"

    All the dragons approached Lady Cinccino. An orange dragon takes her with its arms. Both Pikachu and I try to take her back. But we get blown away by Hydreigon's tail. We're both lying in the ground, hurted by its tail. I can't open my eyes because of the pain. The only thing I hear is Ghetsis telling the other guys that it's time to leave, the dragons flapping, Lady Cinccino's desperate cries for help, and laughs, both of the dragons and Ghetsis.

    I try to stand up, slightly opening my right eye, but I quickly fall back into the grass... fainting.

    Any feedback would be awesome, as well as reviews :D

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