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    Ok, first off, i just remebered that i have also beaten Fighting in Kanto

    And then, the final update for my Dragon Kanto i didn't get to post on the old thread:

    - Beat Koga
    - Beat Team Rocket
    - Beat Sabrina
    - Trains! Evolved to Dragonite
    - Beat Blaine
    - Beat Leroy J
    - Jeff!? tried to evolve but i declined
    - Beat the E4
    - FINISH!

    Final team:
    Trains! lv 61 MVP at everything

    Outrage, Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Areal Ace

    Jeff!? lv 60

    Outrage, Surf, Fire Blast, Blizzard
    On hold: Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Water: White 2 - 2/8