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Originally Posted by Jat View Post
Give Swampert Whirlpool to trap enemies (don't use w-pool on grass types though) exchange this for that silly protect you're running, because he isn't really a staller.

P.S. i HATE starters
Just going to comment that Whirlpool isn't majorly effective in competitive play - it's much better to 2HKO or OHKO if you have nothing to help you set up your attacks.

As for the actual Swampert - it's capable of a PHazing role rather than a complete stalling role with protect (because you'd need something you want to wear down, being Toxic in most cases) with:

- Waterfall
- Earthquake
- Ice Punch / Roar
- Stealth Rock / Toxic

Bulldoze unfortunately isn't necessary because you already have EQ as a STAB, while Surf isn't great because it's a physical attacker primarily and Waterfall hurts a lot harder.

As for Lucario, you could consider replacing Psychic with Nasty Plot, and while generally Hidden Power Ice is preferable, Dragon Pulse can hit dragons so it's technically okay, although you have nothing to really hurt Gliscor or Landorus.

Latios isn't really usually seen running Thunder Wave, so if you want something for t-wave, I'll suggest that, then suggest something alternative for Latios itself.

If you'd like to parahax, you could consider Jirachi though as I'm assuming it's an in-game team, it might be a little awkward to get.

Alternatively, a careful Dragonite with Multiscale could do that with:

- Substitute
- Thunder Wave
- Roost
- Dragon Tail

Which allows you to Substitute unexpectedly, and then t-wave while they try to break the sub, then dragon tail and roost away the damage. You'll need Stealth Rock for this or Spikes, so putting SR on Swampert would be a good thing for you.

If you still want to keep another dragon, or a Serene Grace Togekiss can also be good at this role:

- Thunder Wave / Body Slam
- Air Slash
- Roost
- Aura Sphere / Nasty Plot

Which allows you to paralyse the opponent and boost your own special stats.

As for Latios itself, you could opt to keep it but redesign it a little to a more efficient set, or replace with another special attacker:

- Draco Meteor / Dragon Pulse
- Surf
- Hidden Power Fire
- Recover / Psyshock

Would be something more suited, though if HP Fire is hard to get you could just skip that and keep the rest, bare in mind you'll be weak to Scizor a little.

Keep in mind if you want to keep using Swampert and go with Dragonite then switch to Swampert as the lead with Stealth Rock.

You could also have a rain team from what you've got, btw. If you kept Swampert at the lead setting up SR, then switch to Politoed (or Latios to take the grass attack) and set up rain, you help Lucario and Sceptile, as well as boost Surf & Waterfall. Blaziken would kind of be out of place there, though, so you could try Scizor in its place to hurt the grass attackers that'll try and hurt Swampert or Politoed as well as keep physical power that Blaziken would've had. This'll also help your two dragons that only have Lucario to defend them, or you could opt for Ferrothorn giving you SR as well as something to help the dragons. Then you could switch to something like Jolteon > Swampert to give you something else other than Ferro to help you with opposing water types as well as giving you an advantage if there's an electric type, rather than just a resistance (Volt Absorb), plus you could also use its main STAB of Thunder in the rain which'd then be boosted.

Also if you wanna keep Sceptile go for Acrobatics/Rock Slide > Dragon Claw.

Also as mentioned, while Latios isn't an uber yet, Blaziken actually is, so if you ever intend to go to online simulator play, you won't be able to use it in an OU metagame.

But yeah, just an idea, but if you wanna keep what you've got, that's fine, just the movesets will need a little altering. gl! :)

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