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    Oh hey, surprise! I'm doing a Water UMC, too. Here's my first update for LeafGreen

    UMC Water LeafGreen Update #1

    Name: Lake
    Rival: Clay
    Starter: Brooke the Squitle

    -Reset until I got a female Squitle, then proceeded with the rest of the starting nonsense
    -Got to Pewter City where Brooke unquestionably destroyed Brock (Forgot to take a screen of this)
    -Brooke reached Lv.16 and evolved into Wartortle on the first trainer on route 3
    -Caught a Spearow east of Cerulean for later use
    -Got to Cerulean at around Lv.24 and took out Misty without any major issue
    -Started skipping as many trainers as I could after Nugget Bridge because I’m getting a bit overleveled
    -Got to the SS Anne, got the TM for Brick Break and the HM for Cut, then left without doing anything else on it
    -Traded the Spearow I caught earlier for a Farfetch’d in Vermillion for HM purposes
    -Took on Lt. Surge at Lv.31 with Dig and Attract, making it no issue at all
    -Despite my best efforts to skip as much as I could, Brooke reached Lv.36 and evolved into Blastoise in the Celadon Game Corner
    -Got the Silph Scope, saved the Pokemon Tower, got the Poke Flute, took out a Snorlax, and grabbed the Super Rod
    -Backtracked to Route 6, fished in the water there, and finally caught the second member of the team, Davos the Poliwhirl! Taught him Water Pulse.
    -Bought a Water Stone at the Dept. Store to evolve Davos into a Poliwrath
    -Went down the Cycling Road to get to Fuchsia, and did the whole Safari Zone thing.
    -Took out Koga with relative ease, seeing as how Brooke was Lv.43 already even though Muk was annoying as hell
    -Now that we could use Surf outside of battle, we caught Horace the Slowpoke in the Safari Zone, and Greyjoy the Tentacool on the route south of Fuchsia for the team
    -Got Greyjoy up to Lv.29 on a bunch of trainers I skipped and then took on Erika, who was really annoying with no super effective moves against her. Greyjoy got to Lv.30 during the fight, evolving into Tentacruel afterwards. Also taught him Giga Drain
    -Went to Saffron and got the TM for Psychic and taught it to Horace
    -Went through most of Silph Co., stopping right before Clay to train more
    -Finished up the trainers on Cycling Road, where Horace reached Lv.37 and evolved into Slowbro!
    -Got Greyjoy up to Lv. 40 before going back and taking on Clay at Silph Co. Right after the fight we received the final member of the team, Lionel the Lapras! Taught him Surf and Shock Wave
    -Had the money to buy the TM for Flamethrower from the Game Corner to teach to Horace (I don't get it either)


    The Team:

    Brooke the Blastoise ♀, Lv.45 @ BlackGlasses

    Davos the Poliwrath ♂, Lv.38
    Ability: Damp
    -Brick Break

    Horace the Slowbro ♂, Lv.38
    Ability: Own Tempo

    Greyjoy the Tentacruel ♂, Lv.40
    Ability:Clear Body
    -Giga Drain

    Lionel the Lapras ♂, Lv.33
    Abilityhell Armor
    -Shock Wave
    -Confuse Ray
    -Ice Beam

    HM Slaves:
    Campbell the Paras: Flash
    CH'DING the Farfetch'd: Cut, Fly