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    Originally Posted by Anglican View Post
    Haha, no problem. Can't wait for the others :D based on those, I can tell the custom graphical charachers of this game are gonna be pretty good.
    Haha, at this time, all fakemon that are created by me will be uncatchable until after the Pokémon League, at least... Not too sure what I will do with them at the moment, may even open a new region, I have a lot written down, so many ideas are being played around in my head, just going to work out which I see would be the best option for the game.

    Originally Posted by darkdemon View Post
    When's the actual completed version going to be out?
    I can't put an exact date to, but my guess would be, around August - September, time... Could be during, before or after, the game is pretty much done, just working out some kinks... A video will be released before the game, so when a video appears on this thread, expect the game download release shortly after.

    A few things will happen when the release of the game is out:

    • The thread layout will change.
    • An encounter guide will be added for your convenience. (Commons and Uncommons only, all new entries will be found by you.)
    • Information on major changes, item whereabouts, Pokémon rumours plus more.
    • Updates and Upgrades will happen constantly during your game-play.
    The differences between updates and upgrades.
    1. Updates >> Updates are global, any player with the game will have updates, a new area, new encounters, new NPC arrivals... The list is endless.
    2. Upgrades >> Upgrades however, these will allow extra bonuses to a player, extra EXP, better money receivals, some rares being made easier to find, level bonuses, stat bonuses, plus much more, but, for a limited time.
    • A form styled thing will be added to the thread also, which every player who downloads the game will NEED to fill out, this will consist of a few things;
    1. Forum name
    2. In game name
    3. In game Trainer ID
    4. In game Gender
    5. In game Age
    Each will need to be filled out correctly for ensurence of the bonuses, if any of these are wrong, you will miss out... If you fail to fill this out, again, you will miss out... So it would be in your best interest to fill this out, don't you think?!
    Any rude or absurd names will result in bonuses being stripped.
    Names recommended are your forum ID's. (just a recommendation, you don't have to it saves choosing a rude name)

    More info may need to be filled out, but this is the d-low of what you will need to send me... Think of this as your official trainer card for Homeward Bound™.