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    Jack Jacobs
    Forest on route to his dorm room

    Jack listened without even saying a word as everyone was making plans, but he had his own little plans of his own. Those plans? Oh they were no plans but he just needed his bed, he just needed to see his dorm room that he hasn't seen in ages thats what he wanted to see right now nothing else. Jack promptly returned Blade to his pokeball, an escape from Tyro without a doubt.

    "Hey guys ummm I'm kinda tired so I'm heading back to my room" Jack said adding a little yawn so that nobody would think something was wrong with him. "Lucia I got your number so if anything I should see everyone tomorrow" Jack added a little wave as he walked off into another direction heading towards his dorm.

    In no time Jack was pushing his key into his door, walking in and throwing his bag and pokeballs unto a chair beside his desk, but keeping Blade's pokeball even as he jumped into bed. Closing his eyes.......Wanting to just............
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