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    I've got a weird idea for a story that may or may not fail.

    In this story "Hilda" is the main character, but I hate that name, so her name will be Maria. Additionally, "Red" is in this story but I also don't like that name so he will be known as Asher.

    Maria is BORED. She's beat the League, taken down a criminal mastermind, and even helped to round up his followers. So it's not so surprising that a year later, she's feeling a bit of a letdown.

    Then Looker comes to call...AGAIN. At first Maria is annoyed. What does he want? He is the last person she would think could cheer her up, but when he tells her his problem, she becomes intrigued. Interpol has sent him to investigate the disappearance of the enigmatic former Kanto champion Asher Red. It's a well known fact to most Trainers that Asher waits atop Mount Silver for powerful trainers to battle him, but a few years ago, he was finally defeated by a girl named Lyra. He hasn't been seen by anyone since, and Interpol has only just noticed this and sent Looker to investigate. And Looker wants Maria to help him.

    Feeling like her hope for another adventure has been answered, Maria eagerly sets out for Interpol headquarters with Looker. But all is not what he promised. When they arrive, Maria discovers that Looker was only asking her to accompany him because he didn't want to do it with another girl, known as Midnight. Midnight is experienced in this sort of thing, unlike Looker, but also extremely bossy and a control freak. She insists on coming along, and she and Maria are instantly rivaling.

    With Skyla's help, they fly to Kanto, and discover that someone knew they were coming. It seems as if Asher has been leaving clues for them- clues that he knows only they could decipher. What is he trying to do here? And what is Maria supposed to make of the rumors of a super-powerful Ghost-type and a mysterious string of murders happening across the region?

    You'll have to read the story to find out!

    If you haven't figured it out yet...
    This story is loosely based on what would happen if Hilda and Looker were a part of the legend of Creepy Black.

    So, does it have a chance of getting read? Or is it an epic fail?
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