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    Originally Posted by Electricmudkip View Post
    So . . . I have a small idea for a fic I'm going to write, which is kind of loosely based on the history of Unova. Hopefully, I won't write myself into a corner this time like with all my other fics. For this one, I'm going to write a vague outline / timeline first so the plot doesn't just randomly stop.

    In Unova, they worship three dragons: Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem, known for being extremely destructive. The people don't really revere them but rather fear them because the dragons destroyed the region before, and so they try to satisfy them so they don't raze Unova.

    The way to do this is sacrificing people and Pokemon to the dragons. Before any old person or Pokemon can be thrown to Reshiram, Zekrom, or Kyurem, they have to be prepared in an extensive, months-long ritual. In charge of this ritual are three high priests. They are Hilda, Cheren, and Bianca, high priests/esses
    in charge of Zekrom, Kyurem, and Reshiram respectively.

    Of course, due to their line of work, the three of them don't have any problems at all with dressing up people and Pokemon and giving them to the dragons to eat. In fact, the first rule they learned when trying to become high priests was: "Under no circumstances shall you form a bond with anyone you work with, be it human or Pokemon." They were taught that so the three of them don't get emotionally devastated by sacrificing someone they care about, yes, but it was mostly made so no high priest would try to save one of the sacrificial victims.

    And then Hilda has to go off and break that rule. She falls for Cress, one of the people she's in charge off. Yeah, it's pretty much a crack pairing. (Side note: Cress is one of the most vocal about protesting the sacrifice.) With that, she slowly begins to accept the fact that no, what's she's doing is not okay. Meanwhile, Cheren has been studying the dragons and finds something interesting: the God Stone, a legendary artifact that purportedly can tame the feral dragons (Watch it do something totally ironic in Black 2 and White 2 now that I've said it). The location of this strange God Stone is just as legendary, said to rest at the island in the center of Unova, a place where many strange things are reported to occur.

    Ever since her revelation, Hilda is hung up on getting there and finding the God Stone. Cheren decides he'll come with her if it works. And Bianca is still a faithful High Priestess, working diligently since The Feeding (yes, it's in all caps) is coming up. Oh, that's right, The Feeding's coming up! They've got what, a month or so until Hilda's love interest and the other plot points die. It's a race against the clock! And what if the God Stone doesn't tame the dragons? Well . . . we'll find out later, since that's all I've figured out.

    So, what do you guys think? Please give me feedback on my story idea!
    Eh, I don't know if you'll check this thread after a month or something, but I wanted to post something for myself and I felt it is wrong for me to post while no one answered your request yet, so.....
    I don't know how helpful I would be but just throwing in my two cents.

    Do the characters have to be Hilda, Bianca and Cheren? I mean you can base them off these three but considering they are high priests in this they must be totally different.

    Now this plot can be splendid, but at the same time if you can't convince how a high priestess, who is not supposed to and have not emotionally attached themselves to anyone fall in love with a random guy who protests the ritual which they treat it with utmost respect and all it could fail. But if you can create Hilda's character in such a way that it is possible, like maybe she acted like a rebel among the priestesses when she was a child but was then forced or something like that you can convince in making her fall in love with the hero.

    So first and foremost I think you need to develop Hilda's character rather well.
    And now let's go to Cheren. He is a priest, and it is fine with a priest doing research(anime do that a lot, IDK about irl priest though). Then why would he give a suggestion as stupid(in a priest's eyes) as taming the dragons itself?

    If someone like Cheren got that idea itself won't the people who made the ritual or the people who wanted the inhuman ritual for hundreds(possible eh?) of years?

    As a writer you need to fill these holes if you want your characters with that particular background/ Instead you can introduce Cheren as a casual guy who is friends(?) with Hilda.

    With that addressed, there is something I want to try.

    I got this idea when I was reading the electric tale of Pikachu--A manga version of the Pokemon anime.

    Although it is a manga version of anime,it is quite different. First Ash shows interest in older girls(like Gary's sister) which makes his interaction with Brock more awesome(who is the same). And Misty is slightly more extreme Misty than the anime Misty(from the OS of course).

    The best part is they address real life issues like school etc.

    Overall the character interactions are funny and Ash does catch few cool Pokemon like Fearow etc.

    Now based on this I had an idea.

    Ash is a 10-year old kid who wants to be a Pokemon Master. His first Pokemon will be Pikachu of course, except it won't be the same thing as in the anime or in the manga.(I haven't planned it out yet.)

    The character Ash will be the same as the manga. He will mostly be travelling alone instead of a group of three. But Misty, Brock and the other gym leaders and few more characters will keep popping up. And most of all Team Rocket.

    I am not planning to have Jessie, James and Meowth but instead Giovanni himself will have several encounters with Ash.

    Also Gary will appear a lot more and will be seriously involved. Basically it is a complete rewrite of the OS, except it will have a conclusion.

    But the thing is, I am not confident of my writing, so if anyone else wants to take on the project, feel free to inform me. But otherwise, I will write the story by myself(with the help of a beta maybe?)
    So do you guys think it's an idea worth trying?
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