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    I want to write my stories gere too, so that I may have something to share(I have 3 different stories with 2 notebooks for each, and I wish to write another story here). Well the plot goes like this.

    It's a new chapter for Hoenn region. You are a newbie pokemon trainer(let's name it you until I think of a good name). Pokemons from Sinnoh region have weirdly appeared all over, but it wasn't that much of a serious problem. In the midst of peace, a new organization rises. Unlike Magma and Aqua who attempted to control Groudon or Kyogre, this new organization seeks 6 pokemons, the Regi Trio and the Weather Trio.

    Well that's all I have to say, I will be the one up to twist it up. I need some feedbacks and the name of course XD. Also, I shall write it in a diary form, but dialogs are something like this:
    You: Go Mudkip! Tackle!
    Trainer: Uh
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