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Diamond Water MonoType Challenge Log
Update #3:
In Canalave gym, Squidly evolved

Defeated Byron, Goose’s Brine and Rock’s Surf took Bronzor down, while Bastiodon and Steelix went down to a Mud Slap and a Mud Bomb each

Went to Lost Tower to get HM04, Strength

Caught a Bibarel, named it NewHMBot, taught it Cut, Rock Smash, and Strength

Went to Oreburgh gate basement and got an Earth Plate for Snail

Went to Wayward Cave’s basement to get TM26 (Earthquake) for Snail

Went back to Canalave into the Library

There was an explosion, so I went to Lake Valor

Defeated Team Galactic’s Commanders at Lakes Valor and Verity

Taught rock the Fire Blast TM I got at Lake Verity

Get HM08 on route 217

Defeated Candice

Taught Rock Climb to NewHMBot

Used Rock Climb to get the Ice Beam TM, taught it to Squidly

A FATAL ERROR occurred, forcing me to start over the past 4 hours. Making me mad

Abused the speed button to get everything back in an hour or two

Went to Team Galactic HQ, defeated Cyrus and freed the Lake Gaurdians

Went to Mt. Coronet to face Team Galactic

Defeated the Commanders, and then Cyrus with no major problems

After surviving a Roar of Time with only 11 HP, Snail used 2 Earthquakes to defeat Dialga, sending it back to wherever super epic time dragon things come from

Survived route 222

Was able to defeat Volkner with the power of Snail! Earthquake 1HKOs half his team, the other half shouldn’t be there.

Team so far:
Snail the level 48 Gastrodon
Squidly the level 42 Tentacruel
Rock the level 41 Gyarados
Goose the level 42 Empoleon
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Current Challenges:

On Hold: (Don't have X/Y)
Water UMC (FR/C/S/D/W)
Dragon UMC (FR/SS/S/P/W)

Complete Challenges:
Squirtle->Wartortle->Blastoise Solo Run (FR)
Flying Monotype (FR)